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  1. sch

    sch New Member

    Hello Everybody,

    Just joined this forum.

    I am new to Android. I am not quite sure how secure my account info is in my Android (2.2) phone (LG Optimus One P500). I wonder if other 3rd party apps (that I installed) can get hold of that info and send it somewhere without my knowledge.

    Hence, I would like to use a dedicated gmail account as my primary
    account for the phone. Hence, I would like to know if there is a way to change the primary gmail account info in my phone without doing a factory reset. Before posting this I looked at the other similar queries, but none of the replies seem to adequately answer this question. Is there no way other than a factory reset?

    Thanks in advance for your response.


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, sch.

    In the application manager (menu > settings > applications > manage applications) you can go into the gmail app and "clear defaults," and "clear data."

    Doing that will cause your gmail account to be removed, then after rebooting you'll be starting over with Google/gmail, so you can set up another account. I've done that very thing.
  3. friendlykam87

    friendlykam87 New Member


    i have a problem with adding my gmail account n dont want to create a new account. i tried the solution above but it didnt work. would i have to reset the phone?
  4. sch

    sch New Member

    It seems like many people have successfully done this, but I feel it was possible only in android versions before 2.2. Can you confirm that you could successfully do this in android 2.2 (which is what optimus one uses). This method failed to work on my optimus one.
  5. friendlykam87

    friendlykam87 New Member

    Sch how did you add your account in the first place?

    i cant seem to get that to work.
  6. sch

    sch New Member

    After I started my phone for the first time after purchase, I tried to get to Android Market. Then it asked for my gmail account details. That's how my account got added.
  7. Rafael8080

    Rafael8080 New Member

    THIS IS HOW I DID IT.:cool:

    Device: Dell Streak
    OS: Android ver 1.6

    1- Go to Settings, Application, Manage App
    2- Force Stop and Clear (all 3) google apps one buy one
    3- Re-start your device
    4- Go to Setting, Application, Manage App, Gmail
    5- Click on Manage Space
    6- :mad:IMPORTANT:mad:: IF you see other than the "sign in or create account" screen, go to step 1. You miss something.
    7-Sign in with your "NEW account or Create one" on that screen.
    8-Your Done.

    Hope it Helps yoU.

  8. sch

    sch New Member

    Thanks for the information. However, as I mentioned earlier, the method you mentioned does not seem to work for Android 2.2. Could you please confirm if it works on any Android 2.2 phone? I have tried it unsuccessfully several times now.

  9. Chunkofhunk

    Chunkofhunk New Member

    hi there i have managed to crack the whole thing with the 2.2 android system anyone who is looking for a answer and having problems with the android 2.2 and the removal of the main mail account inboc me at will be happy to help out.
  10. Chunkofhunk

    Chunkofhunk New Member

    are you stil lhaving problems with your phone i can help you!

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