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  1. iosi1212

    iosi1212 New Member

    hi, i got my xperia 10i with android 2.1 few days ago and i realy need help guys:
    please tell me how can i change a song name or picture or video clip name
    i transfer some songs to my phone and i want to rename them.pleaseeeee tell me how to do it, im so frustrated....thanks.

  2. clockwork58

    clockwork58 Well-Known Member

    Download a file explorer app from the Android Market. That will let you view file and rename them.
  3. iosi1212

    iosi1212 New Member

    there is no other way? i have to download the app for that???
    why sony ericssong didnt put this option in the phone? its basics
    and also how can i Determine a song that he will be playd when i get massages? only rington are allowed its strange.. thanks
  4. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    It's not a sony thing. It's an Android thing.

    Download any File Manager/File Browser like Adao File Manager or Astro and then long hold over a file, and rename. Or plug the phone into your computer and changed it.

    Going under Settings->Phone and setting the ringtone there, will only let you set some files as ringtone's.

    If you open Mediascape or Meridian and play an MP3, then hit the left button/menu button on the phone and see if you can set it as a ringtone.

    There are ringtone apps too that will let you set an MP3 as a ringtone.

    Again, this isn't a Sony thing....this is an Android thing.

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