How to change songs from a playlist while in android lockscreen?Support

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    Aug 28, 2011
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    Hi Guys,

    Wanted to know if there was a way for me to change songs while in the android lockscreen?

    let me elaborate:

    1. i open stock music app >> play song from a playlist >> which opens the now playing screen

    2. when i turn off screen/lock the phone >> the now playing screen turns into lockscreen widget :) >> allows me to go next song, prev song, pause, play, scroll etc.

    3. but when i press the playlist button it prompts me to unlock the phone. Is there a music app where i can access the playlist LIST without unlocking the phone?? I want to be able to choose the song i want.

    I tried another music app, which allows me to change song and playlist in the lockscreen by swiping on album art up and down. i dont want this.


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