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  1. bulltog

    bulltog New Member

    Hi I got a Galaxy S3 which I bought about a week ago, and I am struggling to find how to change the background colour of the email programme from black to white? This is the stock email programme in the phone I am talking about. It is currently black with white writing.

    I googled it and some people suggested going into an email and changing the background colour from the menu button, but I don't get the background option in the menu at all, either inside a particular email or outside it. I think this background colour option might have gone missing after the recent software update as some people seem to get this on their phone.

    Another suggestion in google was to turn the background colour option under power saving off. I tried it on and off and it didn't solve the problem either.

    I also tried the negative colours option in Accessibility and while this solves the email problem (turns the black background to white and the writing to black) this messes the rest of the phone up and makes images looks like negative photos.

    The background colour of the settings page, messages app etc and other options are also black.

    In the gmail app however the background colour is white and the writing black, but since I have about 5 mail accounts to access the stock e mail app is the only option.

    The Android version of my phone is 4.0.4
    Build number - IMM76d.I9300XXBLG8

    I would be grateful if anyone can help. Thanks in advance.

  2. Toosploos

    Toosploos Well-Known Member

    Settings->powersaving->uncheck 'background color'.
  3. bulltog

    bulltog New Member

    Hi Toosploos, as I mentioned in the original post ticking and unticking that background box doesn't do anything on my phone.

    Any other suggestions please?
  4. arcuspilot

    arcuspilot New Member

    I agree with the initial poster of this thread - the black default backgrounds are much harder to read than black on white.
    It occurs not just with the sms and email but also with gallery and music player to name a couple I know of.
    I too would appreciate knowing if there's an app or go launcher theme that makes the default background white and the default text black.
  5. Hrethgir

    Hrethgir Well-Known Member

    I would suggest not using the stock email app and installing a 3rd party one from Google Play. Do you have a Gmail account? If so, get the Gmail app and use that as your default. I did that right off the bat, never even really used the stock mail app on my GS3. Black letters on white background.
  6. Zannn

    Zannn New Member

    Yea, but what if I have 4 email accounts set? can I use gmail account to set up other accounts not from gmail? I hate the black background...
    I also hate the logs under phone widget showing me messages among calls. Tried to get rid of it but nothing has worked.. Any idea regarding this problem? Thanks

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