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  1. daviddakota

    daviddakota Well-Known Member

    I've had the X10 a week now, changed the keyboard to and from the stock Android keyboard when I first had it - but now I can't recall how to change it back again (I'm sure someone's been messing with the phone because i've not changed the keyboard in the past few days).

    I've tried chaging in Setting > Locale and Text, but its clearly not there...

  2. blaze_dave

    blaze_dave Well-Known Member

    To change your keyboard, go to where you are composing a message. When the keyboard appears, press and hold on to the screen where the 'type to compose' box. A box called 'Edit text' will appear, click Input Method to change keyboards!
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  3. puppet_master

    puppet_master Well-Known Member

    You should look at changing that keyboard to the HTC one instead. HUGE HUGE improvement :)

  4. how do ya change it to the htc pup?
  5. Smg

    Smg Well-Known Member

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  6. thanks i'll try it now
  7. lcrkz0023

    lcrkz0023 Well-Known Member

    Ive done the htc keyboard install and its a works 10x better. Its flawless compared to stock.
  8. brazz75

    brazz75 New Member

    The x10 is my wifes and i want to put the htc keyboard on it and looked how to do it. just wondered it not like ROMing it is it or is it just a case of putting the right files on the x10? i dont want to brick her new phone you see
  9. davethorp

    davethorp Well-Known Member

    The only change you'll need to make to the phone is to tick the box that allows the installation of non market apps
  10. fastphil

    fastphil New Member

    HTC keyboard is the shiz thanks for the up:)
  11. puppet_master

    puppet_master Well-Known Member

    np, It fixed one of the only 2 things that I hated about the phone. The other was solved by installing Juice Defender from the App market. I now get a whole day+ from my battery! :D

  12. Alfredjms

    Alfredjms Member

    Hey There - Does the X10 have to be rooted or anything like that, or is this a straight install? Is it a free or paid app?
  13. davethorp

    davethorp Well-Known Member

    The phone doesn't have to be rooted (which currently isn't possible but they are working on it). To use the HTC keyboard you will have to turn on untrusted sources in the applications settings. It's a straight install if you do it straight from the phone, otherwise you will need to 3rd party program to install the APK file from the memory card. Much easier to download and run the apk straight from the phone though (once untrusted sources is turned on)
  14. blaze_dave

    blaze_dave Well-Known Member

    I like the HTC keyboard, much easier to use and the return actually works!

    But it's annoying that the Predicted words covers the text you are writing, so I have reverted back to the Standard one.
  15. dazzlet

    dazzlet Active Member

    is there a link available where i can download the keyboards from directly from my phone please
  16. Billy1036fm

    Billy1036fm Active Member


    Have tried to update the keyboard to HTC for ease but having major problems with the X10 software provided - Media Go. Is there anything better available and more user friendly??

    The software is downloaded, extracted and ready to transfer but unable to transfer it to the phone. Says the file type is not compatable.

    Have followed your instructions to the letter but am now stuck. Any ideas what I am doing wrong as I am keen to get the best of my brand new toy.

    Any help appreciated.

    Have also downloaded juice defender and will give feedback once I see how it behaves.

    Best wishes

  17. puppet_master

    puppet_master Well-Known Member

    When you connect your phone to your PC via the USB cable, you should get a notice asking you if you want to 'mount' your memory card to copy to/from your phone. This notice is actually on your phone, not your PC. Once you've mounted your memory card, you can view it as a mass storage device and just drag and drop files in to it like a USB memory stick. The media Go software isn't needed but you still have you 'mount' in order to use it

    also, Juice defender is a great app. Make sure you keep the performance multiplier widget on your home screen so you can monitor how much extra performance you're getting :)

  18. Crash27

    Crash27 Well-Known Member

    I have been using Better Keyboard and the Android & Me skin, I like it but I have tried a few others like the HTC keyboard , I tried an app called Slide Screen Pro which while you type you can slide your fingers across the keyboard without hitting every key, It seems ok but everyones typing methods are different.
  19. gino

    gino New Member

    Ive nearly cracked problem when i get to the final install it says 'install blocked'...For security your phone is set to block installation of applications not sourced to the android market.....anyone any ideas what to do...
  20. davethorp

    davethorp Well-Known Member

    Tick the little box that allows install of non market apps. Only the third time I've mentioned having to do that in this thread alone. Its in the settings section of the little pop up box you had pop up saying install blocked

    Failing that
  21. gino

    gino New Member

    Thankyou up and running last thing is there any way i can alter the font eyes aint what they used to be

    Cheers in advance
  22. Deepak jain

    Deepak jain New Member

  23. Sunshine1

    Sunshine1 New Member

    I have got my keyboard set to standard, is there any way to stop the annoying sound it makes when typing a message?!
  24. TheManWithAPlan

    TheManWithAPlan Well-Known Member

    When you go to settings, locale & text, pick the standard keyboard and ul get the option to turn off the sound there!!

    You should perhaps try swype..

    you just swype to write lol once you get used to it (which takes less than a day), ul love it!!
  25. clockwork58

    clockwork58 Well-Known Member

    Wow! I installed the HTC keyboard and I can't believe how fast and accurate I type in landscape mode. just awesome!

    I downloaded the swype apk. Didn't install yet. baby steps. LOL

    But is Swype an app that always has to run and I have to add it to my ignore list on the task killer program?

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