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How to change the microsd cardAccessories

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  1. reidrwj

    reidrwj New Member

    Can anyone tell me the steps to change the default 2GB microSD card with something larger. I understand the physical procedure but want to know if there is a specific procedure for backing up and restoring the data. I know I could copy out all of the current card to my PC and then restore it to the new card once I install it.

    Any issues with doing this?

  2. PungaA

    PungaA New Member

    I have a 4 GB in mine, the way I did it was just to make a full copy of the old microSD to the new one.

    For me, it was as easy as that :D

    Explained :
    - Put your microSD in a cardreader connected to your computer.
    - Make a folder named "whateveryoulike" on your desktop.
    - Copy ENTIRE contents of microSD to that folder. (make sure you can see hidden folders)
    - Insert new microSD into cardreader.
    - Copy entire content to new microSD.
    (if the computer asks you to format the microSD, choose FAT/FAT32 format, not NTFS)
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  3. Martin L

    Martin L Well-Known Member

    Please note you don't need a card reader.
    When you connect your phone to your computer just select "disck drive", copy all the contents to where ever on your computer.
    Swap out to the new SD card, copy all the data back.
  4. grobert

    grobert New Member

    So, all of the apps are still fully functional?
  5. Lukee

    Lukee Member

    Yes, all the apps will still be fully functional with the same history (logins, browse searches, ect.)
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  6. sushibar7

    sushibar7 New Member

    I just finished replacing my old 16gb 4 class sd card for a 32gb 10 class card on my HTC Incredible 2. Very simple. I did make a backup of all the files onto my computer just in case but aside from that all that was needed was to switch all apps from the the sd card storage over to the phone's memory, then unmount the card. Once that was done done, I swapped out the old card for the new one and it was recognized without any need for formatting. After that I just switched all the apps back over to the sd card. No problems so far and everything is running just fine. :D I love it when things are easier than you think they will be.
  7. MikeyrInFL

    MikeyrInFL Member

    Sadly, not an option for me. I have only 500MB internal storage with almost 400MB used up. I have 7.5GB of apps on my sd card. Looks like it's copy/paste for me. :D
  8. chrcol

    chrcol Well-Known Member

    are permissions preserved copying to the pc and back? as they are different operating systems.
  9. dylan666

    dylan666 New Member

    I need informations about this.
    Some days ago I tryed to copy all my files and folders from a 2 GB SD memory to my desktop, and then from my desktop to a new 4GB SD memory.
    The phone could find photos and videos but all the app installed on the SD were missing.

    So I deleted everything from the SD and I tryed again copying directly from 2 GB SD to 4 GB SD and in this way it worked

    What is the difference from copying to PC and then to SD and copy from SD to SD directly?
  10. adi19956

    adi19956 Well-Known Member

    As far as I know nothing, I've never had any problems like this, something must have just gone wrong
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  11. dylan666

    dylan666 New Member

    I tried 3 times on 3 different PC (XP an Win 7 a OSX 10.6) with the same result.
    No problem copying SD to SD instead
    I think it's something about filesystem or permissions
  12. hutchinsfairy

    hutchinsfairy New Member

    I don't think it can be a permissions issue. Although the operating systems are different, it's the file system where permissions are held. Your android phone can't use file permissions with FAT32 or NTFS and your windows PCs wouldn't read much else. Best guess is that hidden files are being missed or that some program (antivirus, dropbox, etc...) is blocking access to files deliberately or simply by accessing them.
  13. dylan666

    dylan666 New Member

    if the problem consists in missing hidden files or "filtered" transfered files by antivirus should be the same also when copying from SD to SD
    However there is no antivirus on my Mac OsX...
  14. msabban

    msabban New Member

    hi everybody, I wonder if it's possible to copy files directly from my tablet through usb OTG then change the card and copy files to the new one

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