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  1. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    *I am not responsible for any damage to your phone*

    So after a lot of fooling around I've successfully changed the Commando's boot animation. Here is what i did...

    First off, I made a custom theme with the UOT Kitchen, this provides you with a flashable theme zip file that we can now modify even further.

    I downloaded my favorite boot animation from xda and made sure the images in it were .png (keep in mind, the stock G'z one animation is not a full screen image it is 480x512 for images 00-27 and 480x256 for 28-60 so if you use a full sized image it will look squished so use this tool [Fast Image Resizer] but be sure to go to settings and click save as .png and enable cropping) however the verizon ones (which i just continued my custom animation over into) are 480x800 so you wont need to resize those

    I unzipped the boot animation off xda and saved the folder to my desktop for easy access.

    I downloaded the Bulk Rename Utility so i could batch rename all my files to match those of the stock animation. (optional, but saves about an hour of work.)

    Using winrar to navigate to your framework-res.apk in your theme from UOT you'll see the assets folder, and inside that is the images folder, these are your boot animations.

    Now i used the Bulk Rename Utility to rename my new boot animation files to match those of the stock ones (nec_gz_animation_00.png and VZW_open_480x800_00000.png) in the same order they are in the file. please note to also change VZW_480x800_00000.png or you will have a random flash of verizon in the middle of your new show.

    once all your images are renamed and in the correct order to match the stock ones, navigate back over to your framework-res.apk\assets\images in winrar. right click and choose "add files to the archive" and select the new images. These should replace your old ones.

    once done, exit winrar, it will prompt you to update the archive, do so.

    Place your newly modified theme file back on your sd card (i renamed mine to boot change so it was easier to tell apart from the other themes i have on there) and flash it through recovery as you would a theme.


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  2. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Which boot animation did you use, and is it squished? I'm not on xda forums alot, so do the have a variety of boot animations, or is it something I'll have to google?
  3. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    I just googled it. and the majority of them are on xda. i used this one...

    Apple Smash Android Boot Animation by WJD Designs - YouTube!

    (Boot Animations WJD Designs)

    it is squished but whatever, i rarely see it and the bootanimation wasnt too much of a priority for me but i like a challenge and you gave me a little push.

    I'm sure if you're dedicated to making it look good you could always crop the images so they match the size of the stock ones so it doesn't distort, but with 82 images... i didnt feel like doing it haha.

    Side note, first install played the whole animation (took longer than usual to boot because i wiped cache and dalvic-cache) after the second boot, it was a lot quicker and cut off half the animation. Then again, it never made it to the verizon screen, after i debloated and used autostarts to block some apps from starting at boot, unless it was being unusually slow.
  4. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    @jova33 i found a new tool .... adionSoft Fast Image Resizer - Freeware it auto resizes/crops images. if you use it, be sure to go into settings, make sure its saving as a .png and you enable cropping. it wasnt perfect after, but it was a lot better. Use this tool before the renaming utility as this one adds the resolution at the end of the file name. set a new resolution to 400x512
  5. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    I'll have to check this out maybe this weekend. Wife hates it when I fiddle with my phone.

    Another question, you said the boot animation isn't full screen, so is the top and bottom of the screen left black?
  6. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    yes, the "G'z one" you see flashing is only as big as the colored parts. the background is black and it remains so when you change the images

    EDIT: i posted a video in my first post
  7. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    Just looked at it a little closer, there are 60 files to the G'z one portion of the boot animation, up untill file 28 they are 480x512 from 28-60 they are 480x256 this is why it appeared to deform, i've trimmed my 28-60 files and it looks much better, although i just trimmed them with the batch resizer so they arent perfect, but i'm happy, video will be up in a few in the original post
  8. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    Anyone else tackled this yet?

    I'm thinking about changing mine again and taking my time to crop it better, I'm thinking something with text in the middle so it wont matter that the size is limited for half the animation

    If someone else does it, let me know! I'd like to know i didnt do this for just myself.
  9. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    Like I said, my wife gets pissed if I'm messing with my phone. So I'll try it, at a later date.
  10. Dreamcrusher

    Dreamcrusher Active Member

    Hey Spike. Thanks again for the "How To" on the boot animation. I finally got around to modding mine today.
  11. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    Nice, how's it look!? Did you crop them?
  12. Dreamcrusher

    Dreamcrusher Active Member

    Pretty much just followed your guide. Now we just need to figure out how to make the entire boot in a 480x800 .PNG. I'll leave that to you gurus. I'm just good at following directions.
  13. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    I've though about doing that. i'm pretty sure its in the /system/bin/bootanimation file but i'm not sure, ill poke around a bit for everyone so i can make it look good. glad you went through with it!
  14. Dreamcrusher

    Dreamcrusher Active Member

    Keep us updated on any progress. Thanks again.
  15. Dreamcrusher

    Dreamcrusher Active Member

  16. m00kfu

    m00kfu New Member

    Did anyone ever make any progress as far as getting full screen boot animations?
  17. r_hippy

    r_hippy Well-Known Member

    Not many things around for the Gz'One Commando C771.. Anyone perfect this?

  18. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    You have decompile the boot animation you want, crop the first portion of the images to fit in the 3cm bar area, then fit the rest.
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  19. Willster419

    Willster419 The Casio Smartphone Guru Guide

  20. ajdupe

    ajdupe Member

    Any progress on this? Is there a way to add custom audio?
  21. Willster419

    Willster419 The Casio Smartphone Guru Guide

  22. supercad79

    supercad79 Active Member

    Deleted, see post below.
  23. supercad79

    supercad79 Active Member

    So I've got my cooked ZIP file and I think I'm a bit lost with this whole process. First, the zip file with the new boot animation I chose (Android Particles) is in the system\media folder. Inside the bootanimation.zip file are two folders (part0 and part1), along with a text that specifies the resolution that it is supposed to be in (i.e. 480x800). The first folder has 10 JPG files (0000 thru 0009), and the second has 74 JPG files (0010 thru 0083), for a grand total of 84 JPG files.

    Now in the framework-res.apk\assests\images folder there are 95 total PNG files that make up the stock boot animation but nothing there to indicate the resolution of the images. After viewing the bootanimation file in notepad, I can tell what order the images have to be named as, but I'm concerned with there being 11 less files to work with. Can I simply delete the file entries and the associated garbled text from the bootanimation file, or do I need to copy a few files and fill them in to make the new boot 95 files?
  24. Willster419

    Willster419 The Casio Smartphone Guru Guide

    1) the images are different sizes. the first 27 are 480x512. the rest of the gzone is 480x256
    2) you can not modify the bootanimation binary file. It is a compiled file that can not be tempered with. You must change the names of the files you want to put in to match it.

    I will soon be releasing an update that makes the phone bootanimation.zip-friendly.
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  25. supercad79

    supercad79 Active Member

    I'll be looking forward to that one!

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