How to charge battery properly on first time usage & is a converter adapter (UK-to-US) okay?General

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  1. Alazarin

    Alazarin Member

    Hey guys. I have two questions for ya.

    There seems to be various opinions on how to properly charge the battery when you first get the S2.

    I seem to here two ways:

    1) Charge the battery fully (maybe a good 8 hours? Anyone have a good value?) BEFORE first usage. Then you can go ahead and use it. <--- I was taught this way back the early millenium with all the new fancy cell phones.


    2) I assume there is probably going to be somewhere between 50-80% of battery life before you even put the battery into the phone. Thus, one should use up the battery until it drains completely. Then recharge it back up to full again. And vice versa.

    Which is the correct method of choice as far as preserving battery life? Does it even matter?

    My second question deals with whether an adapter for the battery charger would be okay. Like many of those who live in the states, we have to import the S2. I bought mine from Expansys-USA, which gave me a UK/European model adapter and then a generic converter (for converting UK/Europe to US/North America). Anyone know if this is okay for the phone or battery? It seems like there would be an "extra barrier" to prevent the phone from charging 100% accurately or properly. I do not know too much about electrical engineering, but it just feels like the Europe-to-NA adapter is acting as a sandwich between the phone and the outlet.

    Should I go as far as buying an adapter from Canada (if they have one available) to ensure maximum charging compatibility?

  2. Alazarin

    Alazarin Member

    Anyone know? :)
  3. Bomberman

    Bomberman Well-Known Member

    With modern batteries it really doesn't matter. At least I haven't had a concern with mine for ages. On my Desire I just opened the box put battery in and it was fine. Charged when it needed it and again, all good. In fact, I could get two days out of my Desire (actually using it, sync data etc. etc.) when many apparently had issues.
    On the last point re. converters? It'll make no difference to your charging.
  4. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    Just charge it and use it. I have had new phones that I used half the day with out charging them at first. There is nothing you can do to make a big difference in your battery except running it to dead. This would decrease your battery's life.

    Just charge it when you sleep and go!

    Relax and try to enjoy your phone and stop worrying!:p
  5. Alazarin

    Alazarin Member

    Heh, I guess you're right.

    On another note, according to this 2000mAh battery pack located on eBay: [​IMG]Extended Slim Battery Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 2000mAh | eBay

    "Initially new batteries must be charged for 14 - 16 hours continuously. All batteries require a "break-in" period, so don't be panic if your battery doesn't hold a full charge right away. For the first 3 - 5 cycles, please make sure to charge the battery fully and drain it fully before recharging. This will properly condition the battery and will ensure that it will operate at its maximum capacity."

    Not sure what your thoughts are, but this sounds like a plan to follow for the paranoid users like me, eh?

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  6. greggebhardt

    greggebhardt Well-Known Member

    First of all these people are selling batteries. They are like any salesperson and will exaggerate the specs of their product.

    There is NO way a battery using the same chemistry and same size can produce more power. There are laws of physics involved here and the seller of these batteries can CLAIM what ever they want. If Samsung could put a higher capacity battery that was the same size, don't you think they would?

    If you wish to be paranoid there is little I can do to help. there is very little you can do with a new battery that will make and difference in it's overall performance except running it to empty. Running it to empty will shorten your battery life a good bit and should e avoided.

    If you do not just relax and enjoy your phone you are going to ruin your experience!:eek:
  7. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    This has been discussed at some length several times.

    The consensus is that nowadays it really won't make a material difference what you do. For years I have ignored any advice to charge batteries fully before first use as I'm always too impatient to use my new gadget and I have never had a problem with a battery.

    Additionally, batteries are cheap so even if you were to damage the battery (which you won't) it would only cost a few quid to buy a new one.

    In summary, do what you like - it won't make any material difference.

    The charger will work fine, don't worry about that either.
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