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How to check your voicemail from pc?

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  1. retromind

    retromind Well-Known Member

    Hi, i am going on vacation out of the US, so i was wondering if you can check your voicemail on vm website.

    Also, can you read texts or send online? i think there's a way but i never tried it.

  2. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    The best way to check your VM voicemail is from a landline (this way it does not use your minutes). Call your phone and wait till you hear the voicemail greeting and then press the # key. Follow the voice prompts from there to retrieve your messages.

    As for your second question, I'm not understanding what it is that you want. Could you be a bit more clear please?
  3. tli

    tli Well-Known Member

    You can send via many different online options. The easiest and probably most accessible is via Google SMS through:

    Gmail SMS


    Google Voice SMS

    There are many other online options for sending SMS--just do a Google search.

    There is no online/remote means, that I'm aware of, to reading SMS messages that were sent to your VM phone.

    [Edit] There is a way to reading your SMS; if your SMS Client allows auto-forwarding of your incoming messages to another mobile phone and/or email address, and you must leave your VM phone powered on and plugged in at home throughout the duration of your vacation abroad.[/Edit]

    Should be the * key I believe.

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