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  1. DavidWisniewsk

    DavidWisniewsk New Member

    When I use the search feature on my phone by pressing the magnifying glass, it remembers the last letters that I typed, and it's annoying because I first have to delete the previous letters I typed in order to enter the new text I would like to search for. Is there an option on the phone to make it not remember the letters I typed in a previous search?

  2. canuhearmenow

    canuhearmenow New Member

    Even w/o the magnifying glass, my android 2.2.1 keeps the previous search text in the search field, even after I hit enter and find what I'm looking for, until the next search, which means I have to delete that text before entering something new. Other search functions do not work like this. How can it be cleared by default?

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