How to clear up internal memory space?

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  1. bamachick

    bamachick Active Member

    Hi all,

    It seems like I have next-to-no internal memory left in my phone. I have 99% of my apps on my SD card, and I installed the History Eraser app to clear out my cache, call log, etc., and run it every day. Now, I only have about 14 mb of memory left, not enough to install any new apps or even update the ones I already have. What can I do?

    Thanks! :)

  2. Carsfanatic

    Carsfanatic Well-Known Member

    1. Root your phone
    2. Install CWM and backup your phone(also suggest if you must save all your apps you have already get Titanium Backup from market and back them all up)
    3. Choose a Rom from these forums and install it.
    4. Move all apps to SD card using Titanium Backup or other appropriate program.

    With one of the custom roms people have made on these forums they will all give you a lot more memory left on your phone and you can download as much as your memory card can hold.
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  3. bamachick

    bamachick Active Member

    I installed CWM a while back, but cannot find it on my phone. I have the file on my SD card, but cannot find anything that says CWM or Clockwork Mod...
  4. Carsfanatic

    Carsfanatic Well-Known Member

    CWM is not a program that runs while the phone is on normally.

    Read the CWM thread carefully about how to set it up and get it going. is only part of it you also have to use Odin and download mode to fully install it.

    After you have CWM fully installed and a backup made then you will be safe to install anything you want and be able to go back to how it was before you messed with it if anything should go wrong or you don't like how it changed.
  5. mvaness

    mvaness Well-Known Member

    You wont see cwm in the application drawer. To enter it:

    from a powered down phone. hold the power button and volume up simultaneously. hold until it boots into recovery. I recommend updating your cwm to the latest version, before moving forward.

    There is a LOT of information in the all roots section, but the steps for each are quite detailed, and the feedback on any hiccups certainly helps clarify things.

    There have been a lot of recent developments. Take your time to read through the discussions to become familiar with the progress.
  6. Carsfanatic

    Carsfanatic Well-Known Member

    Sounds like it isn't even installed yet mvaness if only is on the card and nothing else so first step is to get it installed :D
  7. bamachick

    bamachick Active Member

    I reinstalled CWM, following the instructions exactly. I still can't find CWM installed anywhere in my phone. How do I look for it? And, once I find it, how I do make a backup of my phone? I'm sorry, I've been reading the CWM thread, and it's just confusing me.
  8. bamachick

    bamachick Active Member

    Never mind... I figured it out. Thanks.
  9. mvaness

    mvaness Well-Known Member

    hi cars, if you use odin to install cwm, you are not going to see it on your card, only the stick zip. :D
  10. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Well-Known Member Contributor

    The only time you'll see something about CWM on your card is when you do a CWM backup . Also, you can delete the Stickzip after you've installed it . :D
  11. theleaf

    theleaf Member

    I have the same problem, but idk where to start. I'm completely out of my element and the jargon is pretty much foreign to me. Any help with this issue is GREATLY appreciated. I need, like, step by little step instructions.

  12. theleaf

    theleaf Member

    I have the same problem, but idk where to start. I'm completely out of my element and the jargon is pretty much foreign to me. Any help with this issue is GREATLY appreciated. I need, like, step by little step instructions.

  13. tivofool

    tivofool Well-Known Member

    Be prepared to learn more about your phone and silly little programs than you ever wanted to.
  14. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    Ok, first a little info about your phone... Have you rooted it (gained administrative access/privileges)

    Second are you using the stock ROM (software that came with the phone)

    Third, are you opposed to wiping user data (all of your pictures and music will NOT be deleted if you do this, also, Google saves your contracts and Callender info)

    And lastly, do you have access to a pc, and how much effort and reading are you willing to put into getting more space?
  15. theleaf

    theleaf Member

    Thanks for your response!!
    1. No I have not rooted my phone. I attempted to try it last night but ended up lost and frustrated...
    2. Yes I am using stock
    3. Nope I'm not opposed
    4. Yes I have a lap top at home. I have no choice, I'm unable to view my pictures or listen to music even after deleting stuff. I have to do something
  16. Koumajutsu

    Koumajutsu Well-Known Member

    ok, first you have to activate your interlocks.

    next, make sure that your dynotherms are connected.

    wait for the infracells to come up.

    and make sure you keep your foot of that blasted samoflange.
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  17. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    Rofl!!! You just made me do a spit take...
  18. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    What step are you getting stuck on with the rooting process? Are you using ODIN to do it? The one click script will no longer work.
    (without rooting, there is no way, that i am aware of, to resolve your issue)
  19. ChoznJuan

    ChoznJuan Well-Known Member

    You didn't say anything about the megathrusters...are they go or no go? Lmbo :D
  20. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Well-Known Member Developer

  21. theleaf

    theleaf Member

    Im getting. stuck. on where. to start. I. downloaded the oneclick, no wonder it didn't work. please. point. me in the right direction, tell me what to do.
  22. Lordvincent 90

    Lordvincent 90 ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ Guide

    This is a good place to start. It will root, install a custom ROM (ctmod), and set up the sdcard to hold all your apps

    Start there, read carefully, and give it a go... If you get stuck, I'm almost ALWAYS on here... Just shoot me a message, or post (preferably in the thread pertaining to your question) and one of the amazing people here will be along shortly to (perhaps laugh at you a little :D and) answer your question... it might be confusing at first, but it's all really very easy... ;)
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