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How to configure autorotate?Support

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  1. wootletootle

    wootletootle Member

    This relates to the IDEOS U8150. the screen will not auto-rotate.
    The option Display Settings/Autorotate screen is checked,
    but when I change the orientation of the phone the screen
    does not rotate. In particular I'd like to rotate the keyboard
    so I can get larger buttons.

    I see that there's a utility called "rotation toggler" but I haven't
    managed to locate it in android market. Is it possible that this
    will solve my problem?

  2. wootletootle

    wootletootle Member

    Just to amplify a little: I am using IDEOS as a remote ssh
    terminal for the PC. So I am working with a PC command line
    prompt on the SmartPhone together with a virtual keyboard.
    This is the situation when I want to rotate the keypad. Is this
    possible? (I really need it: big fingers)
  3. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi wootletootle, my U8150 will only rotate the screen when I open an application. I touch Clock > it opens > rotate screen horizontal and it follows.The screen will not move if you Unlock and then turn phone horizontal.
    I'm still learning my way round my 1st Smartphone so I'll be interested to see any further explanation. Neil.
  4. wootletootle

    wootletootle Member

    Thanks nu2andy. I have now bought a touch screen stylus
    for use with the cell phone, and that definitely helps the
    "big fingers" problem, both with and without autorotate...
  5. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    I Downloaded Astro File Manager and Swype and that helps when you have big fingers. I installed Hi Suite first and the others went in through that as easy as pie. Neil.:D

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