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how to connect android phone to laptop wifi?

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  1. abhikohokade

    abhikohokade Member

    how to connect android wifi phone to laptop wifi connection and access microsoft web
    services using android.

  2. Settings > Wireless and Networks > Tethering and portable hotspot > check "portable hotspot", then connect with your laptop.

    Be aware though that many smartphone contracts prohibit the use of the phone as a wireless router/hotspot for your laptop upon penalty of a very high monthly bill or the telco/provider will throttle your up/down speed to a crawl.
  3. Are you asking how to tether your phone's 3g connection TO your laptop, to use the internet on your laptop? Or do you want to use the internet FROM your laptop TO the phone?
  4. abhikohokade

    abhikohokade Member

    i am trying to connect android phone to my laptops wifi.

    when i am trying to search wifi range from phone is does not show any network
    is there any way to connect phone to my wifi????
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Your laptop creates an adhoc wifi network due to the hardware. An Android device can only detect/connect to an infrastructure type wifi network.

    There are some apps in the Market that claim to be able to let you connect, but most need you to be rooted and are phone specific, which means for the most part, Androids really can't connect to adhoc networks.

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