How to connect GS4 gt-i9500 to ubuntu pcGeneral

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  1. Caribou

    Caribou New Member

    Recently I bought an unlocked gs4 gt-i9500 and I want to connect it via USB Cable to my PC with OS Ubuntu installed.
    I already enabled Debugging mode in the phone but it is not recognized by the PC.
    Is it a Linux problem on the PC side or is it a Android issue on the Galaxy S4 GT-9500 side?
    Or do I have to do something else?

  2. scott_

    scott_ Well-Known Member

    I haven't been able to figure out how to connect my R970 to my Linux machine either, for data transfer.
    It only wants to connect as a "media device".
    I'm really thinking it's a Linux issue, not the device.
    I've not spent a lot of time working on it, but someday when I'm bored.......
  3. scott_

    scott_ Well-Known Member

    OK, I did a little reading at the Ubuntu forums: Ubuntu Forums

    A couple of things to check, on your phone when you connect you should show a usb icon on the top status bar of your phone. If you can select it for "more options" make sure that your phone is in MTP mode.(Media Transfer Protocol).

    USB debugging didn't make any difference with mine, I think that all that option does is to allow a PC application to run scripts on the phone for the purposes of testing apps.(Im no app writer, but that's pretty much what I understand of it's function.)

    When you connect your phone to the PC you should get a couple of pop-up boxes asking about connection options. I tried both, ignore, and open as a folder, but neither one made any real difference. Once I cleared all of the pop-ups off of the screen I took the mouse to the left menu bar and scrolled down to select the "media" device for the phone. (Ubuntu considers the phone as a media player)
    There were folders and files to select or do what ever......

    GMTP did also work, though it was a little finicky......

  4. Caribou

    Caribou New Member

    Hi scott,
    What exactly is to do to get that MTP mode set?
  5. scott_

    scott_ Well-Known Member

    Somewhere in your phone there should be a setting to set the "mode" when the usb port is connected to a computer. MTP or PTP mode.
    Some phones can access this thru a settings/usb-options menu, or like on my S4, I could only see the options AFTER I had connected the phone. When it was connected there was a USB icon in the top status bar. I "pulled down" the status bar and then selected the USB notification box that said "select for more options".

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