How to connect HTC Wildfire with AdHoc WiFi network?Support

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  1. Ashik Iqbal

    Ashik Iqbal New Member

    Dear All,

    Can anybody help me? I want to connect my HTC Wildfire with my AdHoc WiFi network from the phone's user interface. I can see my the network from WiFi Analyzer. But when I try to connect it shows- "AdHoc is not supported by Android platform yet!"

  2. binoctium

    binoctium New Member

    I have same problem.
    Can you inform me, if you find solution.

  3. KX36

    KX36 Member

    there you go, you've answered your own question. It's not supported. you can only connect to APs, not ad hoc. I have read that you can connect to ad hoc if you root your phone, but not otherwise.
  4. knightking

    knightking New Member

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