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How to connect to car audio?Support

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  1. benzfreak

    benzfreak Member

    So I have a pionner head unit that has a USB connection. I connected my friends G1 before I bought this phone to make sure it is compatible and his phone worked perfectly. I bought th Captivate (which I love) and when I hook it up to the USB nothing happens. It gives me the USB connection screen on my phone but nothing happens on the head unit side.

    Do I need a driver like I did for the computer? If so, what driver would work with a pioneer head unit?

    I love this phone but I would really love to connect it to my car like I was able to with my IPHONE.

    Thanks guys

  2. BurntPork

    BurntPork Member

    Details on the head unit?
  3. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    Just a guess as I dont connect mine to my car, but go to settings > applications > usb settings > select "media player". dont know if itll work but its worth a try
  4. blazeplacid

    blazeplacid Well-Known Member

    when you plug in the phone, bring down the task bar on the phone

    select USB, then mount it

    this is assuming your have your usb settings to mass storage

    do not set it as media player
  5. benzfreak

    benzfreak Member

    So I tried the USB mount setting like your post said as this is exactly what my friend did with his G1, but it still didn't work. I tried every setting also. Nothing seems to work. Anyone know if I went to ATT if they would help?
  6. ~Reaper~

    ~Reaper~ Well-Known Member

    do you have it set to mass storage device in usb settings?
  7. benzfreak

    benzfreak Member

    I tried every setting. Didnt work.
  8. Riotblade

    Riotblade New Member

    Sorry for bumping the topic but I'm running into a similar issue.

    I have a Pioneer DEH-3200 head unit with a USB input. It reads from USB mass storage devices fine and I expecting this phone to read fine as well.

    I've tried media/mounted mass storage to no avail. What exactly separates the mounting mode from a generic mass storage device?

  9. vapor311

    vapor311 Well-Known Member

    same issue with a jensen 9414
  10. nicracine

    nicracine Well-Known Member

    Just curious. Do you have your music on the Internal or the External memory card?

    In Mass storage Mode, both cards appear as a distinct memory drives. If you have your music on the external card, it may not be recognized by your radio since the Internal card is the first one checked.

    In your position, I would try to copy a few songs on the Internal card, just to test my theory.

    If all else fails, do you have a 3,5mm input on your radio? You can use the headset output from your phone. It's what I do since I don't have USB ports on my radio.

    Nicolas Racine
  11. sremick

    sremick Well-Known Member

    This is a really good point that hadn't occurred to me. Makes total sense and I would not be surprised if it was the root of peoples' problems.
  12. BookLover

    BookLover Well-Known Member

    My car doesn't even have a USB port.

    So I use either my Jupiter Jack (really works!) or the generic 3.5mm jack FM transmitter I got from cellphoneshop.net. Both work well on my 99.3 FM frequency. The one from cellphoneshop.net came with a cigarette lighter charger so I don't have to worry about batteries. Doesn't look like they sell that anymore.
  13. gte460z

    gte460z New Member

    I have an Alpine CDA-105. My captivate works just fine in mass storage mode and mounting via the pull down. I keep my music on my external card and it reads it just fine.
  14. pac0naut

    pac0naut Well-Known Member

    I have a 2010 Civic. It has the 3.5 jack for Aux already in it. Music plays perfectly through it. If your unit has a 3.5 jack, try that.
  15. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Well-Known Member

    The 3.5mm jack is old technology that requires you to operate your phone to play the music and allows the volume level of the input to vary separate from the volume level of the stereo. I would like to be able to use the USB input on my Pioneer stereo too, eventually. That way the radio controls the playback of the music rather than having to control the music from the phone.

    My stereo also has A2DP over Bluetooth, but unlike connecting it over USB, I can't choose specific albums, artists, etc. I have to start the album playing on my phone and then I can control stuff like next track and previous track, so it is more limited than USB.
  16. mnemonicj

    mnemonicj Well-Known Member

    I just connected my Captivate via USB to my Pioneer FH-P800BT car stereo. I used the Mass Storage mode because Media Player mode turns off Bluetooth and I need Bluetooth for hands free calls. My stereo started playing the first song on my external SD card and was not able to access the music on my internal SD card.

    When 32 GB microSD cards get cheap enough, I may ditch my Gen 5 iPod and start using my phone to store all of my music, so I will have all of my music in my car and at work too.
  17. ingaman

    ingaman Member

    Ah! Thanks all! You solved my problem! I kept trying to put it into Media Player mode, but it stopped working in that mode for some reason. I tried mass storage, but forgot to mount it before. This is great cause now I can use Navigation and hands free while listening to my tunes!

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