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  1. aminweb007

    aminweb007 New Member

    I've bought a new mhl2HDMI cable for my Ascend P1, but sadly when got home and tried it: it doesn't work :s.

    Anybody has already tried it ? how it works ?

    PS: I connected the cable to hdmi TV input, to a power source and then to my phone. Even the phone isn't charging !

  2. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Try a different charger or at least another usb cable from the charger.
  3. aminweb007

    aminweb007 New Member

    I tried that and it doesn't work
  4. Embridioum

    Embridioum Active Member

    Samsung(?) has created a new MHL-standard with 11 pins instead of 5.
    I bought the cheapest 5-pin MHL-adapter I could find and it works for me.
    The phone still uses more power than it receives while streaming a Netflix movie though.
  5. Hautori

    Hautori New Member

    I've looked all over the net (even on Huawei's site and even asked them through twitter)
    with regards to whether the P1 can hook up to an HDTV with HDMI via the mini-usb.

    Nothing. Surely if this was a feature there'd be far more certain mention of it via the company's official channels. It annoys me as I'd like to buy a cable for just such a purpose but not without being absolutely certain that it will work.

    Can anyone here point me in the right direction, if you have any experience with this matter, whether it's worked or not and precisely which cable I should buy.

    I'm fairly certain I've found the right one (it fits perfectly into the mini-usb slot at the top of the phone and the other end is female HDMI).

    This is an otherwise fantastic device that I got at a bargain price, but some transparency on the company's part with regards to their products' features would be nice
  6. Embridioum

    Embridioum Active Member

    You should consider buying a MHL-adapter instead.
    MHL is a standard that allows your phone's battery to be charged while playing your media.
    I bought the cheapest 5-pin MHL-adapter I could find, plugged in the HDMI cable and then the power. My phone's screen popped up on the TV at once!

    Good luck.
  7. sentradroid

    sentradroid New Member

    I've try MHL which use for HTC also work with Huawei Ascend P1. Make sure you have to plug the charger to MHL
  8. randonneur

    randonneur Member

    I bought a standard htmi cable and an mhl adapter,
    the mhl adapter worked but the connection was a bit troublesome.
    However all good and it works.

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