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How to convert PSX ISOs to work on the Xperia PlayTips

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  1. Sprung

    Sprung Active Member

    How to convert PSX ISOs to work on the Xperia Play

    Android Tools needed
    ES File Explorer (free - available on Android Market) Download and install on your phone.
    Root Explorer - (paid app)

    PC Tools needed
    PSXperiaTool (get the 1.0 version)
    Download, and extract into it's own folder (For this tutorial, the path will be C:\PSXperia1.0)

    Files needed
    You will need to copy two files to your PC. They are the original emulator files from Crash Bandicoot, which ships with all Xperia Play phones. This is the emulator that you will modify for your new ISOs. Copy them to a folder called "PSXFiles" in your C:\PSXperia1.0 folder.

    You can get them off your own phone by following these directions:

    Your phone does NOT need to be rooted to perform these steps

    *Install Root Explorer.
    *Open root explorer
    *browse to the /system/app folder
    *locate the file "com.sony.playstation.ncua94900_1.apk"
    *perform a "long press" on the com.sony.playstation.ncua94900_1.apk file, and when the dialogue box opens, select COPY.
    *press your phone's back button twice
    *open the SDcard folder
    *paste com.sony.playstation.ncua94900_1.apk to the root of SD card folder
    *remain in the SD Card folder, and scroll up. Locate and open the Android folder.
    *open the data folder
    *find the folder called com.sony.playstation.ncua94900_1, open it
    *open folder called files
    *open the content folder
    *perform a long press on NCUA94900_1_1.zpak, when the dialogue box opens select copy
    *press your phone's back button 5 times, until you get back to the root of SD card
    *paste NCUA94900_1_1.zpak on root of SD card
    Now that you have copies of both files, transfer com.sony.playstation.ncua94900_1.apk and NCUA94900_1_1.zpak to C:\PSXperia1.0\PSXFiles.

    Open your PSXperiaTool folder

    Run psxperiatool-gui-windows
    (read the jibber-jabber and do the silliness it says to do on the information tab)

    Select the Extract tab

    The APK file you want is the one you just copied off your phone. Select CHOOSE and find com.sony.playstation.ncua94900_1.apk
    The ZPAK file is also one you just copied off your phone. Select CHOOSE and find NCUA94900_1_1.zpak
    Output tells you where it will store the patched files. Leave it on the default setting.
    Click EXTRACT, and wait for it to finish.

    Select the Convert tab

    In the top portion, all you need to select is the PSX ISO you want to convert.

    The Information portion will make your game look like it belongs with the rest of the games in your Xperia Play PSX collection. Adding cover art is pretty much a must, as you will use this to select your game from a list that resembles Coverflow on an iPod Touch. Changing the Title ID is important as well, since the files you copy back to the phone will carry the title ID's as filenames. If you don't change it to something other than the default, every game you convert will be named the same thing. Icons must be in PNG format, and I find that 197x197 pixels is a good size.
    At this point you just click CONVERT, and wait.

    When finished, your converted ISO will be divided into 2 parts you must copy back to your phone's SD card. They are contained in the OUTPUT folder (C:\PSXperia1.0\output):
    the file - com.sony.playstation.xxxxxx.apk (where xxxx is the title ID you gave the game)
    the folder - "data"

    Copy the file com.sony.playstation.xxxxxx.apk to the root of your SD card

    Open the folder "data"
    Copy the folder "com.sony.playstation.xxxxxx to SDcard/Android/data folder

    Open ES FIle Explorer on your phone
    Browse to your SD card
    select the com.sony.playstation.xxxxxx.apk file
    Select 'Install"

    Installation takes a few minutes. Be patient.

    When finished, slide open the controller, and verify your new game is showing in the games list. Tap the game icon to start the game. It is likely the game will close and take you back to the game list. Tap the icon a 2nd time, and the game will load. If all is well, you can delete the com.sony.playstation.xxxxxx.apk file.

    Hope this helps anyone interested. Compatibility is a bit sketchy right now, but this tool is less than a week old. v1.0 has already fixed a lot of problems the beta had, and more fixes will follow soon ;)

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  2. darkalchemyxex

    darkalchemyxex Well-Known Member

  3. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    i should have read before adding this comment lol
  4. ayoe_ravenclaw

    ayoe_ravenclaw New Member

    You need to read the text on the tools carefully... you need to highlight the maker's name, then check all the boxes.. xixixi~

    Btw, I did use this tool, but after I do all the steps given here, & I tried to play the game I converted (it's Chrono Cross btw :D ) the game won't start... the icon appears on the Playstation Pocket, right beside the Crash Bandicoot icon, but when I opened it, only appears blank, then went back to Playstation Pocket with 2 icons of game (Chrono Cross & Crash) again. Hiks.. Need help..
  5. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    all i know is... didn't work on my pc (Win7 pro x64) hadto reinstall xp mode lol
  6. Sprung

    Sprung Active Member

    It's not 100% yet. But, I have only had one game fail (Rayman 1). As updates come for PSXperia, I'm sure more games will work ;)
  7. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    This is excellent, thanks for this run through. So far I have GT2 working perfectly, testing some other games right now. I just tried Nascar Thunder 2004, and It goes no further than the 'playstation screen'. Oh well, I will reply back with more compaitability results


    *update 1*

    Bubble Bubble collection (BB, rainbow islands) = mostly perfect, except for some graphic distortions at boot up of game on borders, and end of game screen, but minimal
    Marvel VS Capcom = plays, but boxey artifacting over character animations in game :(
    Colin McRae Rally 1 = perfect, great FPS, excellent
    F1 World Grand Prix 99 season = mostly perfect, some artifacting in car selection screen
    Gran Turismo 2 = perfect !!!! BGM is pefect also, great FPS, cannot fault it

    *update 2* more games tested :)

    Metal Slug X = works, won't say perfectly, bc I do notice it being slower than arcade and ps2 versions.
    Nascar Thunder 2004 = does not work/load
    Nascar 2001 = does not work/load
    Spyro 2 = works perfectly
    Toca 2 Touring Cars = Works perfectly
    Wipeout 3 = does not work/load
    Nascar Rumble = crashes at EA Sports intro screen
    Nascar Thunder 2002 = does not work/load
    Nascar Thunder 2003 = does not work/load
    Ace Combat 3 = loads, sound is sped up, like chipmunks, game crashes after few seconds flying, need D pad config to fly plane. Game crashes anymore
    Marvel Super Heroes VS Streetfighter = does not work/load

    * update 3*

    Cart World Series Racing = Works perfectly..however load times are a little long
    R-Type Delta = Works perfectly!!!
  8. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    wich software you guys use to build ISOs ?
  9. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    alcohol 120% and an original ps1 cd ;)
  10. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    retrying Gran Turismo 1...
    lets hope it works
    GT 1 isn't working... doesn't start at all
  11. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    I never tried GT1, i read it doesn't work very well on the fpse emu, so thought I'd just try GT2.
  12. Lurchy_boy

    Lurchy_boy Member

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 - Doesnt work
    Final Fantasy VII - Doesnt work
    Resident Evil 3 - Works but the graphics will look at bit glitchy at the start
    Tekken 3 - Works

  13. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    do i do something wrong?
    Ready 2 Rumble - not working
    Sports Car GT - not working
  14. Lurchy_boy

    Lurchy_boy Member

    Make sure you try and open them more then once, they wont open the first time.

  15. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Seeing as though that this seems quite a handy guide and it will probably prove quite useful for the majority of Experia Play users, I arranged for this to be made a sticky.

    It should be noted though that you should only use it for games you own, not for ISO's illegally downloaded. We don't condone anything like that here ;)
  16. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    what if we download isos of the game we do own legally? :p
  17. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Rumour has it you disappear into a puff of logic. That's what they told me anyway. :p

    Seriously though, I know you're allowed to own backup copies (certainly over here anyway) so I'm presuming that's ok.
  18. Sprung

    Sprung Active Member

    This is true, and I forgot to put that in the tutorial. I will add it.

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  19. Lurchy_boy

    Lurchy_boy Member

    Thanks for the guide, I was reading another one that just did my head in.

    If anyone gets any of the Final Fantasy's to work let me know, I could of been using the wrong file format for the ISO that could of stuffed it up.

  20. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    I tried Colin McRae Rally 2 last night, and it works...to a point, as soon as you go to 'drive' the car, game crashes, a real shame, bc the game is flawless to that point.
  21. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    Road Rash 3d... not working
    Road Rash Jailbreak - crashes after 1st "loading"
  22. Sprung

    Sprung Active Member

    I suppose a list of the games I have got to work might be a help...

    Dead or Alive
    GTA 2
    Mobile Light Force
    Pacman World
    Rayman 2
    Spyro the Dragon

    I have not spent as much time as I would like converting ISOs, so my list is short. I also have not tried any of the Final Fantasy games, since I am not much of a fan of the RPG's :p
  23. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    more games that I've tested

    Madden 2004 = does not work/load
    F1 2000 = loads but crashes after intro movie
    MLB 2003 = does not work/load
    Tekken 3 = works perfectly
    Crash Bandicoot 3 = works perfectly
    Supercross Circuit = does not work/load

    more tested Sunday:

    GTA 2 = works perfectly
    Heart of Darkness = loads, crashes as first level begins
    Nascar Heat = does not work/load
    NHL 99 = does not work/load
    Star Wars Jedi Power Battles = does not work/load
    Tomb Raider = loads, but crashes after u start a new game
    Bust-A-Move 2 = loads, but crashes when first level is about to complete loading
    Star Wars Dark Forces = does not work/load

    I think I am noticing a trend here, it appears older games (1995-1999) appear to work the best, games from say 2000 onwards appear to be very problematic. I've tried atleast 6 or 7 EA Sports titles, none of em worked...Just my 2 cents ;)
  24. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    Resident Evil: Director's cut - 100% functionnal
  25. ziairith

    ziairith New Member

    ok i was making good progress with the steps untill i had to run "psxperiatool-gui-windows"it flashes what appears to be a bios window but fails to open.any idea's?

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