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How to convert PSX ISOs to work on the Xperia PlayTips

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  1. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    make sure you have java installed on your PC :), its a java app ;)

    also, i couldn't get it running in windows 7, i reverted back to an old XP machine i have, hope that helps.

  2. ziairith

    ziairith New Member

    the Java install worked thankyou
  3. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    Glad I could help, if you get some games to work that are not mentioned in this thread, please share, I've tried about 40 titles so far, and only got 10-11 to work, a lot of time spent, and not much pay off. If Gran Turismo 2 didn't work i'd be shattered lol :p
  4. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    game updates....
    so far
    Diablo works - (some glitches) (PAL)
    Need For Speed Porsche unleashed - works (NTSC)
    Tenchu - works but some glitches during "movies" (NTSC)
    Tenchu 2 - works (NTSC)
    Resident Evil : Director's cut - works/glitches during movies and when opening a door you can see through it sometimes (NTSC)
    Resident Evil : Nemesis - works but some glitches during "movies" (NTSC)
    Wipeout 3 - works but some glitches during "movies" (PAL)
  5. Final Fantasy VII, Ehrgeiz, Evil Dead Hail to the King, and GT2. I have yet to try my other games as of yet and all work fine. Ehrgeiz has a slight slow down at times but is completely playable.

    I had a small problem on Windows 7 but fixed it after doing some research. If it was the java issue saying you did not have it installed you need to press back and then next again and it would recognize it. Kinda dumb but that's where I ran into a problem.

    Also last but not least has anyone tried the games that do not work or crash after changing the (boolean name="SW-render" value="false" /) to true in the preferences file. It made Final Fantasy VII work without any slowdown and Ehrgeiz work with minimal slowdown.
  6. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    where can I find this exactly? is it in the phone, or somewhere else? I tried wipeout 3, and it crashes 10seconds in to a race without fail

    please help

  7. It is in android/data/(game file that is created)/files/ucc/randomly named folder/preferences If it is not there copy it from the same location in the crash bandicoot folder. Hope this helps you. Oh and after starting the game the file is usually created so either way will work in getting the file.
  8. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    I noticed that the 'preferences' is only accessible if you create a save point in that particular game. So I tried this modification, and sadly my wipeout 3 still crashes, it infact made no difference at all, crashes after i make the first turn in the game, at every track, its weird.

    It also did not help with Colin McRae rally 2, however...

    it did fix the graphic artifacts, blockiness issues in Marvel vs capcom and bubble bobble.
  9. Sprung

    Sprung Active Member

    Got some time, and tried a few more games...

    Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes works fine
    40 Winks works fine

    Anyone have any luck with the James Bond games? I get parse errors with Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is not Enough. Too bad...I wanted some 007 on my phone :mad:
  10. jay0788

    jay0788 New Member

    So he did the whole process from his phone? Or do I have to connect to P.C?
  11. gavkiwi

    gavkiwi Active Member

    you don't have to connect to a pc, but you do need a pc to do the 'conversion' of the crash game from the phone to a converted ps1 game.
  12. cloudnueve

    cloudnueve Well-Known Member

    If they ever release FF7 or MSG2, I bet the compatibility will sky rocket.
  13. oleb84

    oleb84 Well-Known Member

    I havnt read the article fully as i am on holiday but in a nutshell, i can alter PS games to play on the built in version of the playstation on my xperia play??

    After reading just the first chapter, it says about using the Crash Bandicoot file, what happens if i have deleted this???
  14. suvalle55

    suvalle55 Member

    How did some of you get gran turismo 2 to work i did everything right but it doesnt load??
  15. oleb84

    oleb84 Well-Known Member

    Really need an answer to my question, what if i have deleted the Crash Bandicoot file???

  16. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    do a factory reset and you'll get it back :p
    btw just noticed they added Hot shot golf 2, Destruction derby, Jet Moto, jumping flash and WipEout to the ps pocket store
  17. RockingChick90

    RockingChick90 New Member

    hiya, just wondering, does this work with ps2 games aswell. im despratly trying to get spyro enter the dragonfly (takes me back to my childhood haha) but i have no idea where to start lol.. is there anyone that can help? x
  18. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    i think only with ps1 games... but try the same walkthrough with a ps2 game... might work lol

    ... or maybe not :p
  19. oleb84

    oleb84 Well-Known Member

    Answered my own question, you can just download it again.

    Gonna check those out later on our tomorrow.
  20. oleb84

    oleb84 Well-Known Member

    This is amazing! I have just got Gran Turismo 2 working perfectly.

    My only question is though, what would you guys recommend, this or FPSE?
    There will only be a few games i will convert, pretty much the top 10 list you would find on any website so as long as the main games work i am fine.

    The noticable difference of this over FPSE so far is the saving ability, my GT2 wouldnt save on FPSE bebause it said there was no BIOS set but every time i selected the BIOS it still wouldnt save. This version saves perfectly!
  21. oleb84

    oleb84 Well-Known Member

    Games i have tested:

    Gran Turismo 2 - works perfectly
    Tekken 3 - works perfectly
    Street Fighter Alpha 3 - flickers a lot during play
    Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 - Skater is a stretched out mess of polygons
  22. oleb84

    oleb84 Well-Known Member

    Metal Gear Solid does not work at all. :(
  23. primus123

    primus123 New Member

    I can tell if it is compatible Medal of Honor
  24. Tinderbox (UK)

    Tinderbox (UK) Well-Known Member

    Is it right that this does not work with v2.3.4 , I if so i will stay on v2.3.3 util their is a fix, I get my SE Play today :)

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