How to Copy a pic from the web to my HTC Evo Shift

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  1. ThePinkPearl

    ThePinkPearl Member

    I am new to the Android OS and am upgrading from a Palm Pre. I have no idea how to copy a photo from the web or FB mobile onto my Evo. I have tried holding down on the photo like I would to set a photo as an icon but that does nothing. I've also tried hitting the "Menu" button at the bottom of the phone hoping that it would give me the option to save the photo and still nothing. Is there some special button combo I need to use? Like on the Palm I had to hold the orange button and "C" in order to copy a photo to the phone. Any help would be much obliged, Thanks.

  2. crump

    crump Well-Known Member

    You should be able to long press the photo and get the option to save to your device. I don't think it's possible to copy a picture from facebook (not even from the pc) because of their privacy policy.
  3. ThePinkPearl

    ThePinkPearl Member

    I can get a photo from FB if I posted it only. I still can't seem to get a photo from the mobileweb to DL onto my device...

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