How to copy all files from phone memory to SD Card?Support

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  1. samsunglover

    samsunglover New Member

    How to copy all files from phone memory to SD Card?

  2. bbob1

    bbob1 Member

    I'd also like to know how to do the reverse so I can format my card without having to reinstall all my apps.
  3. bbob1

    bbob1 Member

    OK I figured it out. Go to -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage applications ->

    Now you can select on the top "Downloaded" or "All" - I think All will just show you a bunch of shit you can't move. I think only downloaded applications can be moved but even some of those can't. For example facebook wouldn't move (wtf?)

    From this screen click on an application and you will have the option to move it to SD or from SD card to phone.

    Anybody know why some downloaded apps can't be moved like Facebook and 8tracks?
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  4. vills2vil

    vills2vil New Member

    we're just the same Samsung galaxy..maybe mini-tool partition can solve our problem..
  5. vills2vil

    vills2vil New Member

    i hope there someone more idea on how to solve our problem..
  6. Cyberspace

    Cyberspace New Member

    You have to root your phone in order to move most apps to the SD card. However moving widget to the SD Card could cause problems......:( (After root you can find apps from Google play like Super App2SD that move almost everything to the SD Card. With these apps you can do the reverse, too!!!)

    I don't know why you need root but I've done it and freed my phone memory!

    Please consider answering my thread, too!!!!!! (

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