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  1. shrik6666

    shrik6666 New Member


    I want to copy all my contact from my Outlook express to Samsung Galaxy S. Can you please help me?


  2. larryccf

    larryccf Well-Known Member

    if you export them from your address bookin in OE as a .csv file to your desktop, then upload to your google mail acct, they will then automatically download to your phone - this assumes you have "sync data" turned on, on your phone

    only negative to the above, when i did it, within a day or so, i got an email from google telling me 23 of my "friends" had twitter, facebook or whatever accts and asking "would i like to give them a shout out?", which means google had read my contacts list and compared them to whatever info it had on those sites

    i didn't appreciate the obvious invasion of privacy - a lot of folks today think thats the norm, but .... for what it's worth
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  3. Seifer

    Seifer Active Member

    I believed you can sync directly with outlook via samsung kies. You can download it from the samsung mobile website
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  4. norseraider

    norseraider Member


    I had problems synching the contacts on Outlook Express to my Galaxy via Kies. It tells me that Outlook Express is not supported, and that I need Outlook 2002 instead.

    "Either Outlook has not been installed properly or the installed Outlook version is not supported. Install Outlook 2002 or higher and try again. (Error code :0x80040154)"

    As a workaround, I have exported my contacts (straight from Nokia PC Suite) into a CSV file, and I am using the Kies importer (Contacts -> PC tab -> Open File) to get these onto my phone.

    There is a crazy wizard where you have to map the fields from the csv file onto the contact fields - it doesn't really try hard to make life easier for you! Does anyone have any tips? I don't have Google sync or anything like that set up at the mo.

    Hope my experiences above are useful to others.
  5. norseraider

    norseraider Member

    Ok, so I did get all my details imported via the wizard. It took a couple of attempts. For my old school Nokia 6230i, the CSV file is pretty comprehensive.. there are columns like these, and many more:

    "Title","First name","Middle name","Last name","Suffix","Job title","Company","Birthday".....

    Most of the fields are not populated of course, since the phone didn't have features for most of these.

    When I did the mapping to the Samsung format (in Kies), my mapping selections were (CSV -> Samsung):

    "Last Name" -> "Last Name" (this is default, leave all the defaults)
    "Notes" -> "Memo"
    "General Mobile" -> "Phone Number2(Number)" <Mobile*>
    "General Phone" -> "Phone Number1(Number)" <Mobile*>
    "General Email" -> "Email1(Address)"
    "General Fax" -> "Phone Number5(Number)" <Fax*>
    "Home Phone" -> "Phone Number3(Number)" <Home*>
    "Business Phone" -> "Phone Number4(Number)" <Office*>
    "General Street" -> "Address1(Home/Office)"

    *There is a little check box in Kies marked:

    [ ] Select TelephoneNumber Type in person

    This is typically undocumented :) If you check it, you will be able to select the designations in angle brackets given above (Mobile, Fax, etc). I recommend doing this, else the numbers in your Samsung while just be type "Other" which is unhelpful.

    Once you've done this, you can import all the contacts. Then I suggest saving them on your PC in SPB format (via Kies, little save icon in the top left of Contacts | PC tab) so that you never need to do this again! You can edit and tweak the contacts in Kies then, before finally transferring them to your Samsung Galaxy.

    I listened to Iron Maiden whilst doing this, I found this channelled my anger into productive energy :)
  6. Helmy

    Helmy New Member

    Brand new to this sort of thing wil give it a go and let you know how i went Thank you:)
  7. norseraider

    norseraider Member

    Direct sync won't work for Outlook *Express* - it seems Kies needs to have Outlook 2002 or above. The workaround I have given lets you proceed without Outlook at all (although it's a bit painful).

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