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How to copy/move all google contacts to phone?Support

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  1. d.chatten

    d.chatten Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how i can copy or move all of my google contacts to the phone, i would prefer all my contacts to be stored on the phone rather than googles servers.

  2. DanC

    DanC Active Member

    They're effectively stored on your phone anyway, they'll just sync with Google should you make any changes from either side. They're still available to you if there's no data connection available.
  3. d.chatten

    d.chatten Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply, i know google contacts are effectively stored on the phone, but i would rather my contacts be stored on the actual phone, not virtually.
  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    It's all virtually. Theres no slot to feed in your paper address book. ;)

    I thought I wanted to do this when I first got my phone but quickly realised there's no easy way to do it.

    After a.while, I realised there is no benefit really.
    I suppose if you really wanted to do it, maybe there's some pc software that can convert a csv from Google into vcards or something?

    Edit>Actually I am wrong.

    You can go to export to SD card in the menu of the people app and choose to export googloe contacts. You can then import them back in the same method, choosing "phone"

    Thanks to Lekky in another post. I tried it and it does gove you the option to choose phone. However, I didnt actually import because it would mess things up for me.
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  5. d.chatten

    d.chatten Well-Known Member

    Nice :)

    Brilliant, thanks danfrance, the reason i want to do this is so i can set contact images (to many to do seperately) that will remain in good quality, i also don't want my contacts to be stored on google servers.
  6. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    ah fair enough. The contact images alone is a good enough reason actually.
  7. pants_mahoney

    pants_mahoney New Member

    can pants mahoney verify,

    that when contacts are synced with Google Contacts, they are copied onto the phone. So should Pants Mahoney find himself without reception or 3G access to the phone's contacts remains possible.

    Pants Mahoney has not taken delivery of phone yet. yet he waits. Backorder. Cursed backorder.
  8. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes, when they are synced with Google, they are copied onto your phone. They are classed as google contacts instead of phone contacts but they are still on your phone.

    When there is no reception, you will not be able to sync changes made on the phone to google, but the contacts will still be available.
  9. cfn813

    cfn813 New Member

    I have the new fascinate and the reason I was looking to move the google contacts to the phone contacts is because I haven't found a wayto attach a unique ringtone to individual google contacts. When I select a song and say attach to contact it only shows the phone directory not the google one. There is no where in the edit screen on the contacts that it allows to choose ringtone...Am I missing something simple here?.
  10. olhoni

    olhoni Member

    I've found that individual ringtones can be assigned to designated contacts that are stored on the PHONE, not linked to google. As soon as the contact links with google the default ringtone plays for all.

    I've even attached individual ringtones to contacts using Mabilo Ringtone, Ringdroid, Ringo Lite...(not all at same time :)) none work for me on any contact flagged as Google vs Phone...The ringtones show under other on the contacts and still the only ringtone that plays is my default one...
    I deleted and re-added a contact as Phone and presto plays what ever ringtone I designate (I'm using Mabilo to download ringtones)

    Maybe I'm missing something as well...I've only had android a week.

    Update 10/10/10: this worked initially then stopped, the contact shows the ringtone and the default plays...I installed "Rings Extended" and am trying it now, so far so good.

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