How to create a Google account for children?

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  1. ColdFusionWi

    ColdFusionWi New Member

    We are getting our two kids, both slightly under 13, G2's for Christmas. According to the Android User's Guide ...

    We don't really care if the kids don't have gmail, talk, or calendar but we want them to be able to download apps and games. Well Google won't let you create an account for anyone under 13 years old. I know there are other children out there who have Android phones and are able to download apps/games.

    I've seen linked email accounts where it's formatted like but I'm not sure if we want to go that route or if it will even work. We could always create a Google account for them using one of our birthdates but I'm not 100% comfortable with that either. So what is the general consensus on the best way to handle setting up accounts for children?

  2. iDR0ID

    iDR0ID Active Member

    YOU make an account in your name. That way, you can 'loan' it to them, and even let them know that you can and will monitor useage. Giving <13 y.o. kids unilimited access to what android markets allow (lemme tell you, there are hellauber good pron sites apps out there) is asking for trouble.
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  3. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    I agree with the above post. If all you are worried about is access, you can make as many personal google accounts as you want (well there mihgt be a limit but I am sure you wouldn't reach it). I wouldn't want a 13yo kid having unlimited access to the store though, but that's just me.
  4. ColdFusionWi

    ColdFusionWi New Member

    Then maybe I'm missing something here. When I turned my phone on for the first time it asked me for my Google account info. I don't have to re-enter that information each time I want to download an app. So even if I created a separate account that's monitored (gmail) how would you go about requiring a log in each time they would want to download an app? You'll have to forgive me as this is only my 2nd day with my Droid X and I'm still trying to figure out all the ins/outs.
  5. iDR0ID

    iDR0ID Active Member

    you won't have to. You enter it in the phone once.

    But are you having problems creating a new account for an <13 y.o., you are going to have to either make them an account for them (I have 4 gmail accounts, only one is my main account that my phone uses for apps)

    but when you make them that account for them (it can be their ) just make sure it's "YOUR" account. YOU control it, YOU monitor it. That's all I'm saying.

    Personally, I would make a gmail account that was and simply put that one as the main account on both your kid's devices. That way, any app you buy, is good for both of the devices and you can track one account much easier than 2 seperate accounts.
  6. ColdFusionWi

    ColdFusionWi New Member

    Ok, then you and I are both on the same page. This isn't an account that they will actively be using, just one that would be used to get things started with the phone. I'm thinking something like this may be useful as well Android Protector. I know that content rating is coming to the Android Market but does anyone know exactly when that will happen?

    Your last paragraph was something I was also interested in. If we created one account that was used between the two kids would any app purchased be able to be downloaded/installed on both devices? It seems to me that you would need to purchase them individually.
  7. iDR0ID

    iDR0ID Active Member

    yes. but it's something you do, but never talk about.... people get their feelings hurt about sharing paid apps.

    I know they are cheap apps, but I share cable at the house and don't run 3 seperate accounts to my house, I share home phone and don't run 3 seperate accounts to my house, I share electricity and don't run 3 seperate accounts to my house, I share water and don't run 3 seperate accounts to my house. So why should I have to pay for 3 separate apps within the same household (or plan)

    So I figure, as long as the other devices are on the same plan, there is nothing unethical about sharing paid for apps.

    If I were to splice my cable and run it to my neighbor's house, that's different
    If I were to create an account that my brother, his family, me and my family, my parents, cousins, my best friend, and whoever else all use, that would be ENTIRELY different because we all have separate accounts
  8. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    There currently is no way to password protect purchases on the market (at least not that I am aware of anyway). As long as you omit credit card information, you should still be able to download the free stuff, just not free.
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  9. lordofthereef

    lordofthereef Well-Known Member

    Well, there is a fine line here. What about something like an OS that is licensed specifically for one machine? Technically it is unethical and illegal to use your windows disc to upgrade all of your machines. Now, to be quite frank, I am not sure what the clause is for this situation specifically under the android market. I do know that the Apple Appstore, for example, lets you install on a set number of devices (I do believe that number is 5, but not 100% certain).

    FWIW, I don't disagree with your thought process, just saying that it all truly depends on the fine prin (which I admittedly have yout to look through).
  10. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    I got my daughter's gmail account before she was 13 in her name. She didn't even know about it for a few years or that her phone was signed into something.

    I got her the account early because I wanted her to have a decent gmail account when she got older and not her name with a bunch of strange numbers after it.

    Now she knows all about gmail and signing in and how her chrome browser tracks her searches, etc. She only occasionally checks gmail.

    To this day.....she has NO CLUE what her password is. Only I do.

    And depending on how busy I am, I check her accounts once+ per day.
  11. fhfhhffhfhhfhhfh

    fhfhhffhfhhfhhfh New Member

    just use a fake birthday
  12. svim

    svim Well-Known Member

    Your justifications for stealing the efforts of others is just sad, redefining the word 'unethical' even more so. There are developers out there who rely on the income generated by selling an app for a couple of bucks, knowing that most people won't pay up, but that enough do.
  13. Mikestony

    Mikestony ~30% Carbon Black ± Moderator

    ok, op hasn't been back in 5 years and this thread just got resurrected.
    So if someone needs more help with this, start a new thread and perhaps more updated info can be provided:)
    /thread closed
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