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How to create folder in menu?General

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  1. Eugroid

    Eugroid New Member

    I want to create folder in menu tu put there programs what I use not often.
    Its annoying when I have 8 desktops.
    P.s. How to add location where to put installed programs from store?

  2. devizes18193

    devizes18193 Well-Known Member

    Long press then short cuts then folder . Drag and drop once created
  3. IkDroid

    IkDroid New Member

    No you didn't understand. He wants to add folder in menu not in desktop homepage. I also want to know how to add folder in menu :) ?
  4. giokaxo

    giokaxo New Member

  5. azharkhalid

    azharkhalid New Member

    Hey guys am using galaxy s3.. I was also searching for a way to create folder in main menu.. Try this.. I dont know it wil work with lower versios of android..

    1.Open main menu
    2.Click options(the touch sensitive key on the left)
    3.Click edit
    4.Click and hold any app icon, a tray will appear at the bottom of the screen.
    5.Drag the icon to the folder icon on the tray.
    6.Done. You can add other apps to the folder by simply clicking edit:)
  6. dylan nixon

    dylan nixon New Member

    I have the LG G3 and its very simple. You need to go to options (this could be on the bottom ribbon or on the top right like mine is) click on sort by and chose customise. Once you've done that go back to options and select edit/uninstall. Long press on the app you want to make a folder with and hover it above another one to be included in that folder. Hope this helps. Happy droiding

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