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How to delete a photo from your gallery?Support

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  1. KenJJ

    KenJJ Member

    I just took a photo with the razr maxx and it went to my gallery. I assume everytime you take a photo with the phone it goes to your gallery that's your photo album? The photo appears in the upper left hand corner of my screen in my gallery. When I tap the photo it enlarges and fills up the screen.

    At the bottom of the screen it gives me an option to either save the photo or discard it. When I click "discard" the photo still appears in the upper left hand corner of my screen. How do you completely delete a photo from your gallery?

  2. Gatman

    Gatman Well-Known Member

    One way - instead of tapping to enlarge, touch and hold your finger there. You should get a menu that has delete as an option.

    If that doesn't work post and back and we can try something else.

  3. KenJJ

    KenJJ Member

    Just returned from a Verizon store and they showed me what the issue was. I wasn't officially in my gallery. They added a gallery app and once I click that I'm officially in my gallery. After clicking on the app I see "My Gallery" as well as "camera roll" and so on.

    If I want to delete a photo I click on "camera roll" then click on the photo in the upper left hand corner of my screen and as soon as the photo enlarges there's an upside down arrow icon with a circle around it below the photo on the right and I simply click that on and get the option to delete, edit and so on.
  4. Gatman

    Gatman Well-Known Member

    The "tap and hold" trick should work from the camera roll if you know you want to delete it without waiting for it to get bigger. Glad you got it figured out though.

  5. KenJJ

    KenJJ Member

    I'm gradually starting to get familiar with this phone it's so different from the plain jane non-smartphone model I've been using the past 4 years.
  6. mdeva

    mdeva Well-Known Member

  7. narayanan9190

    narayanan9190 Well-Known Member

  8. mdeva

    mdeva Well-Known Member

    Wrong. No Gallery. Not on this phone. (And apparently not on the phone of the thread participant who said Verizon installed a Gallery App.
  9. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    They may have just taken the stock gallery app out of the applications and placed it on the home screen for the op.
  10. mdeva

    mdeva Well-Known Member

    Soooooo. When I reconfigured my home screens, I lost Gallery forever? Nice.

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