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How to delete a secondary GMAIL accountSupport

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  1. Smvallee

    Smvallee Member

    Hi chaps. Thanks for reading!

    I own an ATRIX phone UNrooted, with Gingerbread 2.3.6 and system version 45.2.49.MB860.Personal.en.AR.

    I purchased the phone last year, and updated to Gingerbread early this year.

    On the phone I have a number of eMail accounts. My job one (just to have the calendar, since I also have a BlackBerry to handle work-specific mails and stuff), my personal eMail one (the ISP default account I've been using for years), and a gmail account I've opened just to handle the contact list and GooglePlay stuff. It also syncs my mails, but I seldom get any mail from this account.

    Last week I was showing my phone and added a second gmail account to explain how to do it... BIG mistake. Now I cannot delete it. These are the things I tried:
    1) Go to settings>accounts: I have 4 "motoblur" accounts (the main GMail one, the corporate sync one, my personal eMail one and the Facebook one) and 6 "other" accounts (Dropbox, LinkedIn, Google -same address as on the motoblur up there-, facebook -yes, again-, twitter and whatsapp).

    I have not tried to delete the "Google" under Other accounts, since it refers to the same account I use for GooglePlay and my contact list.

    2) Master reset erasing all my internal memory and SD card contents (bye bye my angry birds record!!). Once I entered the main gMail account data after rebooting.. BOTH GMAILS appeared on my "messaging" icon.

    3) went to applications>manage applications and deleting the cache and data for GMail with no success at all. When I go to "all" apps on the same menu I also find the "Email", "Email authenticator" and "Email Engine" apps...

  2. Smvallee

    Smvallee Member

    Found a workaround. Since for some reason in my phone the "account settings" for the second GMail is not accesible, the only way to land there was forcing a sync error. This will give you the chance to "change settings" or "retry"... here are the steps:

    1) Go to the GMail account on a PC
    2) Go to the settings on the PC and disable POP and IMAP functionality. This guarantees that the phone will yield a "cannot communicate" error and give you the option to access the account settings not otherwise accesible
    3) Force the account sync on the phone. Wait for the error, go to account settings (instead of Retry), click on delete account.

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  3. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    Smart! Thanks.
  4. indriyam

    indriyam New Member


    I use LWW by Sony Ericsson. Just want to comment here another way of doing this.

    Go to Settings.
    in Personal Section Go to Accounts & Sync
    The listed entries click on Email accounts you wish to remove
    Click the option button in your phone.
    Remove Account.

    You are having the choice to remove from different applications. See the icon. Each will be individually removed. For example I removed from Gmail App but kept the account with Email App.

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  5. elspunky

    elspunky New Member

    Indriyam, thank you so much. I've had my Galaxy S3 phone for 2 weeks and have been trying to not have my Gmail in 2 places. I followed your directions and now my Email app is just my work Outlook account.

  6. kathleenmph

    kathleenmph New Member

    Thanks, this was very helpful! However, I tried to delete an account, and got the following error: This account is required for one or more apps. Any idea on how to fix that?

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