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  1. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Well-Known Member

    Right, here goes. I've got all the contacts I want in my contacts folder. Some of them are linked to their facebook accounts which I like.

    But when I tap phone, a load of people who I only chat to on Facebook are there despite not being in the contacts folder.

    So how do I edit what appears under "Phone"

    Is there away to get rid of all the contacts that Facebook imported in one go? Or a way to edit my phone directory online?

    I didn't know that when I set up my Facebook account it would import anyone who has a number to my Phonebook!

  2. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Well-Known Member


    Just delete your Facebook account. And the one for HTC Sense. That clears down the Contacts that you don't want.

    You can re add it, but be quick and uncheck sync contacts (it starts doing it automatically)

    Now if only I could find a way to add just seclected contacts I'd be happy
  3. jeffreyli7

    jeffreyli7 Member

    It doesnt seem to work for me
    Once I logged into facebook all my contacts are in my phone!!
    Even after I log off they are still there
    what is making things worse is when my girlfriend logs into her facebook, ALL HER CONTACTS are in my phone!! OMG
    This is sooo stupid!!!
  4. anneatkins

    anneatkins Well-Known Member

    Gah! People keep saying that but it is not true. You do not have to delete facebook.

    Go to APPS then tap PEOPLE, then touch MENU key then tap VIEW then UNCHECK whichever lists you do not want displayed in contacts.

    I have fascebook and facebook htc and google unchecked, and none of those contacts show in my people or phone contacts.
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  5. kelly2706

    kelly2706 Member

    That is true but when I go to Phone all the face book contacts are annoying. I just want them gone but still want facebook.
  6. jeffreyli7

    jeffreyli7 Member

    Its not about the contacts that is in People, but the contacts which are in Phone. Its always the first button I press when I want to make a call. It's so stupid how there is no control over who to add on your list

    Even when I deleted facebook, ALL the contacts are STILL there!!!
  7. mediocrejoker

    mediocrejoker New Member

    If you go to Settings -> Accounts and Sync -> Facebook and click the Remove Account button, you will unlink facebook from your phone contacts and they will no longer appear there.

    I really wish there was a way to only sync contacts which are already in the phonebook so you could get their facebook profile pics without getting a bunch of unwanted contacts.
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  8. adamoao

    adamoao Member

    This is exactly my problem, it appears that removing HTC Sense Facebook solves the problem, but I actually want to be able to link my contacts to their Facebooks without having the rest of my Facebook in "Phone", so annoying! If anyone solves this issue or knows a way around it, can you drop me a pm. Thanks. :)
  9. jeffreyli7

    jeffreyli7 Member

    OK, doing the remove account thing has only successfully remove part of my facebook contacts, some reason the other half is still in my Phone menu.

    The other thing that is bugging me is that facebook has also decided to sync all the freaking birthdays to my calendar, and somehow my phone decided that it is linked to one of my emails, which does not have anything in its calendar, so it is getting even more annoying now. That means even I removed facebook from my phone, because it is linked to one of my emails they're still there!!!
  10. Frew

    Frew New Member

    I'm having the exact same problem, and none of the solutions work!

    I unchecked facebook (both entries) from my sync options - didn't work
    I deleted facebook (both entries) from my sync options - didn't work

    What it has done is remove them from my 'People' list, but they're still all there in my contact list when I push 'Phone'. And because a single press starts to call them, I've already rang about 5 people that I don't want to speak to!

    Has anybody got another suggestion? It is maddening that I'm not allowed to just delete the people I don't want on there!
  11. jboze

    jboze Member

    You have to actually delete the facebook accounts off of your phone.

    Menu > Settings > Accounts & Sync > Facebook > Remove account.

    When you add it back, make sure you don't let it autosync all of your contacts to your phone. Just unclick autosync or whatever the option is called. This will remove all of your Facebook contacts from your "Phone" contact list.
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  12. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Well-Known Member

    It's a pain though, you have to be double quick at hitting that button or it will sync without even asking you
  13. drhunter

    drhunter Active Member

    I'm working my way through the same problem, although I've ended up permanently wiping a few of my contacts in the process :mad:

    As quick as I am to stop facebook for htc sense from syncing, once it starts it finishes even though you tell it not to.
    To get around this:

    Go to settings > accounts and sync > deselect auto-sync, then deselect background data.

    Add your accounts as necessary, they'll not automatically sync.
    Go back into settings > wireless and networks and enable airplane mode

    You can now go back to accounts and sync, re-enable background data and auto-sync then disable the specific auto sync settings.

    Then finally disable airplane mode and it should all be syncing properly!

    Hope this saves someone from going insane trying to set it up and beat the auto-sync.
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  14. Rob_Squire

    Rob_Squire New Member

    I thought i figured it out by doing it this way that i found out not so long ago but i was wrong :/grrrr

    Ok so i just figured this out about 10 mins ago, Here's what you need to do...

    Firstly delete your Facebook account(s) on your phone...

    next go into your actual facebook and click on account - Edit Friends - Phonebook -and on the right hand side you will see it says...

    If you would like to remove your mobile contacts from Facebook, you need to disable the feature on your mobile phone and visit this page.... Click on the blue link....

    Next it will say.... When you import contacts into Facebook from your email, mobile, instant messaging service or other social network, we may use this information to create friend suggestions for you and your friends. We also display these contacts in your Facebook phonebook.

    If you choose to remove your imported contacts, they will no longer appear in your Phonebook and friend suggestions may be less relevant to you and your friends.

    To remove all imported contacts, please make sure that you disable the Facebook synchronisation feature on your phone first, if you have ever enabled it. Then, click the 'Remove' button below....

    (you have deleted it anyway so theres no need to)

    Click remove and you will get a notification through as soon as its gone through....if it says theres a problem just try again (took me 2 goes)...

    Once completed go back to your phone and create your accounts again....and you should not have your facebook contacts in your phone button if all has gone well....

    (i unchecked sync contacts on my htc sense facebook just for safety)
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  15. slickbone

    slickbone Member

    Thanks for this as it was annoying me too.

    What I have noticed is that when I re-install facebook from the 'accounts & sync' button in 'settings' and select option 'Don't sync' during installtion, that none of the facebook contact phone numbers come back into the phone which is exactly what I wanted.

    However when I install the facebook for HTC sense under 'accounts & sync' during installation it starts to sync everything. Even when I uncheck the sync contacts button it seems to have already sync'ed in the facebook contacts phone numbers in again!

    Has this happened to you? If not where have I gone wrong...

    Many thanks

  16. arcmovileous

    arcmovileous New Member

    But the problem still remains. We need to somehow stop Facebook from adding their list of people from their Phonebook into our android phone contact list when we sync.

    I certainly still feel the need to be able to sync Facebook with our People app, because I find that very useful as it will update the status of my friends from Facebook etc. etc.

    Isn't there any kind of app for this issue? Anyone?
  17. grimbola

    grimbola Member

    I too have found this really annoying. I'm quite happy for the contacts that are already on my phone to have their Facebook status updated, but don't want it to add the "friends" from my Facebook list into my phone.

    I'll have a play with the suggestions that Rob_Squire has made, and come back if I can get this working.


  18. Divi

    Divi New Member

    this one worked for me thanks
  19. springy

    springy Well-Known Member

  20. RussWWFC

    RussWWFC Well-Known Member

    I've found that deleting the HTC Sense Facebook account is the only option, you can't have it running unless you want your "Phone" list clogged as far as I can see
  21. melissai_

    melissai_ Well-Known Member

    thank you thank you thank you.
  22. mpchick11

    mpchick11 New Member

    I'm so happy to find out that I am NOT the only one that is super annoyed with this whole FB contact sync issue. I HATE that my fb "friends" birthdays are in my calendar!!!! I completely removed the fb app but I really would like for the fb pictures to be back by my contacts info... I had it like that somehow then then had to reset my phone and now I can't figure it out. I am going to try some of the suggestions already listed, maybe they will help... ugh, technology...
  23. stefka29

    stefka29 New Member

    can't you just unlink facebook from both calendar and contact?
    to do do: Contact
    go to people then click menu -> view and untick Facebook

    to do calendar, similar
    go to calendar then menu -> more -> calendars
    then untick facebook

    I have an HTC desire running android android 2.2
  24. Blahh

    Blahh New Member

    Thanks it helped alot
  25. seritiku

    seritiku New Member

    Excellent post thanks Anne as this was doing my head in.:) For anyone else reading this I found that utilising people sense but facebook through opera mini rather than the facebook app has stopped any syncing of contacts and I have an extra 20mb on my phone internal memory as a result :eek:)

    P.S Opera mini is much faster and easier to use than the facebook app imo.:D

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