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  1. shmicky

    shmicky Member

    is there any way of managing/deleting files (eg PDFs that you download) on the SD card from the phone itself ? ie can you do it without connecting to a PC and mounting as disk drive ?

    Also - just bought a 16gb SD card and it seems like the speed of access/saving photos and transferring music from PC is much slower than with the 4GB card that came with the phone. Is that normal or have i got a dud/fake SD Card ? ( i know - I bought if from ebay - but it was a proper 30,000+ feedback seller of memory cards..)

  2. DesireMe

    DesireMe Well-Known Member

    Depends on the Class of the SD card. Class 6 is recommended
  3. OFI

    OFI Well-Known Member

    A seller on ebay with a very high feedback isn't always a good indicator of a good seller, it can equally be an indicator of clueless buyers ;)

    With such a large feedback checking negative feedback is far more important than positive feedback, you'd be amazed at the number of people who give positive feedback before even receiving an item because it saves them time!

    Download the application from here to test how genuine your SD card is: H2testw 1.4 ? Gold Standard In Detecting USB*Counterfeit*Drives SOSFakeFlash

    It sounds as though you could have been sold a poorly built card so the speeds will suffer. If it was a branded card it should be no slower than the supplied card as that is a Class II.

    As the guy above said Class 6 is recommended, but realistically I don't think the price difference is worth it right now. Technically a Class 6 card should write 3x faster than a Class II.
    However a decent brand such as Kingston or SanDisk will often overspec their cards so a Class II is actually a little faster than it should be. For a maximum data transfer of 16GB the time difference is really negligible, just go and make a cup of tea :p Transferring a couple of albums should take only a few seconds or so anyway.

    You can manage your files through the phone using a file browser.

    Astro File Manager is very popular
    ASTRO File Manager v2.3.0 Application for Android | Productivity

    I like ES File Explorer too as it has several more options
    EStrongs File Explorer v1.3.12.0 Application for Android | Communication
  4. chattygirl

    chattygirl Active Member

    Astro is fab
  5. shmicky

    shmicky Member

    thanks - very helpful

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