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How to delete mail from phone but not exchange server?

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  1. gingerman74

    gingerman74 New Member

    Does anyone know how to delete mail from the droid without actually removing it from my exchange account? On my old blackberry I could do this and would not actually delete from my inbox but it would delet from my phone. Is this possible? I have poked and prodded everything i can think of but cant see how to do this.

  2. squaresailor

    squaresailor Active Member

    Not sure if this will help but I have my exchange account on my Droid set to only show the last five days worth of emails, as time rolls along emails drop from my phone but are still on the exchange server. I don't know if there is a more selective way to get rid of messages on the phone.
  3. icecold

    icecold Well-Known Member

    Under account settings of the email (at least using K-9 mail), you have three options under When I Delete a message...

    1) Do not delete on server
    2) Deletefrom server
    3) Mark as read on server

    Without knowing for sure which email app you are using, I can only go off of what I am currently using. Hope it helps...
  4. Cuda13

    Cuda13 Well-Known Member

    Using the stock e-mail program I was not able to keep deleted e-mails on the server. If I logged in to OWA I would have to pull things out of the deleted items folder back to the inbox but after I did that it would be resent to the Droid.

    Touchdown allows you to delte off the phone but keep on the server. There is a 30 day free trial.
  5. barry99705

    barry99705 Well-Known Member

    Forward from exchange to your gmail account.
  6. Tappanga

    Tappanga New Member

    I don't have this exact phone, but here's what I did as a work around in Exchange:

    Go into Outlook and set up a folder called "Exchange Temp". Then, after I'm done reading an email on my Droid, I put it in that folder. When I'm back at my desk on Outlook, I can move from Exchange Temp to other folders (if I need to save the email) or delete it. That keeps my Inbox on my Droid clean, yet I don't delete vital emails that I'll need when I return to work.
  7. aioka

    aioka Member

    If you do this you might want to be careful and check with your IT Admin. Most companies value any emails sent to your exchange as company property and forwarding them automatically to a off server account is grounds for termination. So be careful with this suggestion.
  8. eugkim

    eugkim Member

    Had the same issue. I had to switch to K-9.
  9. Magnustampa

    Magnustampa New Member

    That worked for me as a temporary fix! I set my Evo to only download the last day's emails and it showed nothing. I switched to 3 days, and it pulled up old emails from the server. I switched it back and it synced again to no emails, but left the older ones on the server. And thank you, Cuda13 for pointing out that the deleted emails would be in the Outlook Deleted Items folder, so I got back my 3 weeks of emails!
  10. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    Use an app that offers the option, as implied by several prior replies that suggested specific apps.

    If POP access is an option (unlikely) that would work as well since POP does not sync.

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