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  1. mrteeth

    mrteeth Well-Known Member

    Does anyone know how to delete your phone favorites? I know I didn't designate them as 'favorites'. All the sudden, my dad's doctor is on there along with a co-worker I've not talked to in 2 years. How can I remove them? Top tabs are labeled:


    I have 3 black and white picture boxes in favorites. What can I do to delete those? If I long press, I call them (which I dont want to do). If I go to menu, there's no settings on how to remove them.

    It's the oddest thing...

  2. SgtJohn

    SgtJohn Member

    To remove a contact from your favorites.
    Touch the Phone or People icon.
    Touch Favorite in the upper right.
    Select the Contact you wish to remove by touching their picture.
    When the Contacts profile opens, touch the star in the upper right corner to remove them from the Favorites list. (Touch the star on a new Contact profile to add them to Favorite.)

    Hope this help.
  3. mrteeth

    mrteeth Well-Known Member

    I didn't see the "Star" option. Thank you.
  4. Tcthescot

    Tcthescot New Member

    This doesn't remove from phone favorites
  5. Grey1001

    Grey1001 Well-Known Member

    From the RAZR ICS manual.
    It is there on mine.

    Edit or delete contacts
    Find it: Apps > People > contact >Menu
    > Edit or Delete
  6. toeasyforu

    toeasyforu New Member

    Go to People on the phone and find the person you want. Touch that person like you are about to make a call it bring up a window and there a star at the upper right hand corner on the blue banner. I had to fix my favorites Contacts.:D Thanks guys
  7. WTF

    WTF Well-Known Member

    Um, none of these are working for me in Ice Cream Stupid (don't mean to offend any ICS fans out there but to me there seems to be some idiotic things in this OS "version").

    This worked for me: I deleted the contact from my phone and re-entered it.

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