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  1. spareme

    spareme Member

    Hi All,

    created a folder just to see, how it works, from settings on home page. But now, I can not remove it. How do I remove a user created folder?

    Steps followed to create a folder
    Home page ->Add.

    Now how to delete this folder.

    Please advise.


  2. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Long press the folder and a garbage can will appear. Drag the folder to the garbage
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  3. spareme

    spareme Member


    Thank you Mr Ed. It worked.
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  4. Yajiru

    Yajiru New Member

    I need help with a problem like this. I created a folder in Apps tab (not in the home screen but the one inside when u press menu u will see Apps and Widget tab).. i cannot delete it..there's just no optoon..i tried pressjolding the folder icon but it directs me to the home screen and even if i drag it to trash it still shows if u check the Apps tab again...

    I hope u guys can help me...i tried other blogs already but their tips just dont work

    My fone is s3

  5. babuchemy

    babuchemy New Member

    I created a folder within the APPS area that comprehensively holds all the apps. Now i see cannot delete that folder. I tried to move it to the BIN. However, when i visit the APPS area it is still there and dont want to go. My phone is a Galaxy s3 mini I8190 :D
  6. babuchemy

    babuchemy New Member

    I think i worked it out. Go the APPS area where you can see the 'folder' you want to delete. Then press the MENU button on the left side by the HOME button & select EDIT. Now you can touch, hold n drag to RUBBISH BIN. Then click SAVE!!!
  7. ddljls

    ddljls New Member

    This works. Thanks!!

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