How to direct call to voicemail?

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  1. pentel

    pentel Well-Known Member

    Page 83 of the Android 2.3.4 User Manual, "Answering or Rejecting Calls" on the part that said "Decline a call and divert it to voicemail" where I can drag the red phone to the left to send the call directly to voicemail.

    I have a password on my Andorid 2.3.4 phone, when it rings, I enter the password and I get the screen on page 81 where there are 3 buttons "Add call", "Answer Call - red phone" and "Dial pad".

    I know this sounds silly, how do I get this screen on page 83 to send the phone call directly to voicemail. I need to do this when in meetings in the office.

  2. pentel

    pentel Well-Known Member

    Ok. Figured this one out myself. Drag the red phone to the left! :)

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