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How to disable auto updates

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  1. jaffacake2000

    jaffacake2000 Member


    how do i stop the phone doing an automatic software update ?

    (The software update is for the phone not any installed apps).

    I want to disable it because every time it does an update, the phone freezes with a failed update notice.

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    In order for you to disable the notification of an update, you'll have to root.
  3. jaffacake2000

    jaffacake2000 Member

    Thank you.

    How do i root ?
    (its not just a notification of an update, it actually starts the update...then fails)
  4. jaffacake2000

    jaffacake2000 Member

    ok, i know what rooting is now, isn't there any other way ?

    In the settings at the moment there isnt a menu option to stop the software updates. So, if you root it the menu options will still stay the same.
  5. rgsgroup2005

    rgsgroup2005 New Member

    If you root your phone, you can go into the system / apps folder inside your phones operating system with an application called ES File Explorer available in the Google Play Store. The System / Apps Folder has all your pre-installed system apps in that operating system. You will have no access to that folder without administrator rights (ROOT)... If someone was smart enough, they would just create an app in the Google Playstore that automatically blocks updates and notifications in any android phone (using a temp root method). I better get credit for the idea lol. I don't remember right now what the apps you need to delete as I don't have that phone in my shop right now. Hope this helps :)

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