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  1. menasor

    menasor Active Member

    Is there anyway to stop it from always try to download essentials? Everytime I restart my phone it tries to download it. I downloaded it once and deleted all the stuff anyway to stop it from downloading again?

  2. kwknott

    kwknott Well-Known Member Developer

    If you are rooted the best thing you can do it to remove the MobileID app.

    If you aren't rooted let it update, then go into mobileid and switch back to the My ID pack, and then remove all the B.S. it installed to see if it helps. I think this is how I did it before we had root and was able to remove the whole app
  3. ktb83

    ktb83 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, what he said, but it will likely come back unless you root the phone and freeze or uninstall MobileID using an app such as Titanium Backup or Root Uninstaller.
  4. Murf1

    Murf1 Well-Known Member

    I uninstalled the apps it put on that I didn't (like yelp!, etc.). Then I downloaded "Holo Launcher". I hide what I don't want to see. You can take the MobileID (and others) off the "dock" at the bottom and make whatever you want. Then I went into the "Draw" setting and "Hide" the apps I don't want to see. I'm not rooted so that is the way I dealt with it.
  5. Curtis1973

    Curtis1973 Well-Known Member Developer

    if you are rooted,go to play store and download app system tuner. start it up and tap system,locate mobile id file and uninstall it. system tuner will back it up for you in case you want it back. i would also suggest downloading a launcher you like then use system tuner to uninstall launcher in system tab also. speed up your elite.

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