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  1. AmberLi

    AmberLi Member

    Is there a way to differentiate (and turn off) the gmail notification from the SMS notification?
    Is there any way to set different ringers for different SMS contacts?


  2. MotoDroidHelpandInfo

    MotoDroidHelpandInfo Well-Known Member

    Sorry buy no. They all fall under the notification sound which you CAN change. Although not by app or contact. The only way would be with some marketplace app or if google adds the feature.
  3. AmberLi

    AmberLi Member

    Sorry, but that is CRAZY!
    I get so much junk mail and don't want to pull it out every time some "free shipping" offer gets sent to me 30x a day! GRRRRR

    If this doesn't change soon, I might have to use a dummy account as the primary, but that would really suck as far as tasks and calendar are concerned... :mad:
  4. WolfgangCS

    WolfgangCS Member

    Press the Applications button on the bottom of your Home screen.

    -Find Gmail

    When Gmail comes up you should be looking at a account you have setup (You can press the "Menu" button and look at multiple accounts). Press the "Menu" button and then "Settings". Next change ringtone.

    You are able to have a different ringtone to each email account you have and your single(for now) Facebook account.

    As far I know there is no way to change ringtones per contact by default/Android OS
  5. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    IOW, a rehash of the default contact picture associated with your GMail synchronized contacts and new contacts that you create.

    OK, time to contact Google in full force asking for a major re-write of the OS to allow the user to pick a pic on their own as the default pic as well as a default sound for notification for GMail....
  6. MotoDroidHelpandInfo

    MotoDroidHelpandInfo Well-Known Member

    Well looks like we both learned something today. Also is it me or does seem really odd since it also changes with the notification sound.
  7. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Wait, if it changes with the notification sound as well, that is either a) a bug, or b) the way it was meant to be - as in the notification sound is picked as the default, unless you set one up for a specific contact.

    But if this is so, then why lock the pictures?
  8. WolfgangCS

    WolfgangCS Member

    Add the Power Widget by going to the Home screen and hitting the "Menu" button and select "New+"

    Turn off Sync once the widget is on your home screen.

    I would log into your gmail account at the end of the day on a computer and report what should not be in your Inbox to the Spam "box". After a couple of days I hope that will help clean your inbox out for the future.

    Also you can mark the email and hit the Menu button and select Report Spam on your Droid.
  9. AmberLi

    AmberLi Member

    THANKS!!! You are a lifesaver!
    Hopefully this change will hold tomorrow, and not reset to default.
    It's not really spam, it's all from websites I shop at occasionally, but it's not exactly personal email that I would want to bother pulling my phone out for!

    I've also been woken up in the middle of the night with an email notification and that's not cool! (But I downloaded locale today to hopefully change that!)
  10. johnlgalt

    johnlgalt Antidisestablishmentarian VIP Member

    Locale works great - until you go to edit a currently set condition - then as soon as you load it it changes the condition (usually by a factor of 30 minutes) when you use the : to time conditions. E.G. I have my DROID set to go to vibrate mode from 7:55 AM to 12:55 PM MWF and from 1:55 to 3:25 T TH b/c I am in classes at those times - all is well, and it works - but if I go to edit the time (say add another 10 minutes at the end of the conditions to pad myself just in case I am held over) the times are not what I had previously set them to - not in the minutes columns, anyway.

    My workaround is simple - pick a time, set it and forget it.
  11. WolfgangCS

    WolfgangCS Member

    To add a different ringtone per contact--

    listen to a song you have on your Droid and hit the Menu button

    "Set as Ringtone"

    For additional ringtones for notifications per contact or email/txt client

    On SD card create a folder called "notifications" and place mp3 in there
    The song will now be in your ringtone list as well

    Ringdroid may be a solution as well[​IMG]

    Scan the above QR code with Barcode Scanner
  12. WolfgangCS

    WolfgangCS Member

    Great app thanks!


  13. MinuteKiller

    MinuteKiller New Member

  14. MAndroid27

    MAndroid27 Member

    Alternative solution: If you want to still see that a new gmail has arrived, but don't want the sound playing when it does, open the gmail app > hit menu > settings > select ringtone > silent. You can also disable notification all together from the settings tab.
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  15. CatherineRenee

    CatherineRenee New Member

    OK, I have turned off all the notifications for Gmail and email and I still get a notification! I have tried all the suggestions above, tried to just turn it to silent, I still get a "DROID" notification tone and the notification at the top. I just want it to be quiet. I don't need email notification, but I'd be ok with the notifications, if I could just silence them. I do want a notification tone when I get a text though.

    Can somebody please help? I feel like I must be missing something simple, but I thought I tried everything...
  16. T.J. Crowder

    T.J. Crowder New Member

    Thank you New user here and I was kicking around the phone settings trying to find it. In retrospect, I suppose it makes some sense it's the an application setting... (And hey, look, I can turn off email notifications entirely. Result!)

    Thanks again,

    -- T.J.
  17. droidzone

    droidzone Well-Known Member

    I think you might be using the Mail application rather than the Gmail application to get your mail. Or you may have been using both. They use different notification settings. Turn Mail notifcations off from Home>Settings>Accounts & Sync
  18. freddyttt

    freddyttt Well-Known Member

    wow this is confusing. i have no Gmail under accounts and sync. also i get zero email or gmail sounds.:(

    and i have idea why.:( as far as i know everything is turned on... i do use cvolume as control. maybe i should delete that.
  19. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Well-Known Member

    you could use Gmail Notifier to set the tone to "silent"..

    AND pick a custom LED color, or custom tone you do want and a custom icon of 4 choices
  20. droidzone

    droidzone Well-Known Member

    Weird..Can you describe the notification you receive. Are you sure you dont have any custom 3rd party email widget/notifier apps installed?
  21. DDG

    DDG Well-Known Member

    Home Screen, Menu, Settings, Sound, Volume,
    Make sure the
  22. teuma86

    teuma86 New Member

    Found the solution

    Go into gmail (on your phone)
    press menu -> More...
    Select "Settings"

    Scroll down to Notification Settings
    Select Ringtone -> Silent.

    Now you still get the notification of new mail but silent ringtone.
  23. shazmatazz

    shazmatazz New Member

    @WolfgangCS You Rock! This worked excellent! Thank YOu. Follow me @My_2cents on Twitter if you may
  24. julmaki

    julmaki New Member

    For anyone who might still be reading through this looking to turn off the email notification sound, here's the explanation. I don't think it was clear from what has been said so far.

    There are two different apps you might be using to get your gmail. One is just 'mail' the other is 'gmail'. If you're using the 'mail' app, there is no option under settings to choose a ringtone, so I was highly confused trying to follow the above directions. Instead, go to 'all apps' and choose the 'gmail' app. Then under settings you can choose 'silent' for your ringtone. You might then need to replace the 'mail' app with the 'gmail' app on your home page.
  25. avira

    avira New Member

    If there is no way I have a trick, it is simple but it will work, just record a silence for a second or tow then save it and use it as notification tone.
    It will make all kinds of notification silent but it will stop bothering you.

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