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How to disable in-app purchases?

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  1. BellaStrange

    BellaStrange New Member

    I cannot find a thread that addresses this, so here goes and apologies if my searching skills are not up to snuff. My 3 year old got a hold of my phone before the 10-minute lock set in, and managed to buy 580 gems in Bakery Story for $99.99. Yes, a 3 year old spent close to $100 on nothing (he doesn't even know what the gems are for) without even knowing it. Google abounds with hits about how to disable in-app purchases on the iPhone, but there is zilch for Android except for how developers are so happy in-app purchases are now supported (I bet they *are* happy!).

    App Protector, recommended on another thread, only seems to lock certain apps. I suppose this would help me, but what about games where it's alright for him to actually play them, but just not click on banner ads (or gems or smurfberries--who really wants $99.99-worth of those anyway?) Disabling in-app purchases

  2. olskool

    olskool Well-Known Member

    If... yer kid did buy try gettin money back using the magic word. If that doesn't work an ya don’t use the apps then just uninstall all ya dont want. Remember the tnks button please.
  3. Ncaissie

    Ncaissie Well-Known Member

    So there is no way to stop this? Most apps have in app purchases. I don't want to remove them. That is a stupid thing to have to do. No ofence to you olskool.
    goolge needs to fix this fast. I would not have switched had I known. My 5 and 7 year olds play with my phones and iPad all the time.
  4. Ncaissie

    Ncaissie Well-Known Member

    10minute lock? Mine only asked for my password once since I got it. And there are more than one way to buy things isn't there? I have the gmail account and a Sony ericsson account as well as purchases that get billed through my wireless service provider.

    This phone has a lot going on.

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