How to disable media scanner( Increase boot time )

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  1. coreyharris101

    coreyharris101 Well-Known Member

    *Must Be Rooted*

    Download an app named rescan media root from the market. This allows you to disable media scan which takes forever to scan big sd cards like mine from boot and when u take new pics etc... There is a version for nonroot users but I did not test it nor do I take any credit for the app. Just a good find.

  2. MetroPOS

    MetroPOS Well-Known Member

    Good find, but if you turn off media scanner and you have apps installed on your sd card, next time you reboot the phone you won't be able to run those apps...they won't even appear on your apps menu and their icons won't come up on your home screen either. What size is your card? Mine's 16gb and the boot is a little bit slow but not too terrible.
  3. coreyharris101

    coreyharris101 Well-Known Member

    All my apps on sd works fine. 16gb and I'm using launcher pro and all is fine......
  4. coreyharris101

    coreyharris101 Well-Known Member

    Everytime I take a picture and such the media scanner slows down the phone and we have almost 2gb of internal storage so its no need for apps to sd when we have root and titanium Backup, space is not a need for me..........
  5. TyLLy_4

    TyLLy_4 Member

    Ahhhh, gentlemen! check the speed of your SD cards. No all cards are created equal.

    Beware of cheapos and ebay deals (if its too good to be true it usually is) I myself use a high speed card for this particular reason.

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