How to: Disable Message Notifications

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  1. ddaren

    ddaren Member

    I currently use Handcent SMS to control my text messaging. I used to have a G1 but got it replaced with a MyTouch Slide. On my G1, there was an option in the settings that allowed me to disable notifications from the system's original messaging app.

    However, I want to disable it since I get a notification from Handcent SMS and the original app. Both ringtones go off and there's 2 notifications at the top.

  2. eye4863

    eye4863 Active Member

    Open the native messaging app press menu press settings scroll down to notifications and uncheck and finito...
  3. ddaren

    ddaren Member

    OMG... How am I so dumb?!?! Thanks eye4863... I swear I thought I tried that. hahahahaha. daaaamnit. Oh the shame.
  4. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    FYI... this site has a search function.......
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  5. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    FYI....this site also has people that will remind you of the search function :)

    Hey, did I mention there is search function?
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  6. alyssak

    alyssak New Member

    so what happens when you uncheck the notifications but the message still shows up on the message icon on your home screen?

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