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  1. chaser88

    chaser88 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I purchased Desire S a day ago and I'm happy with it. I'm new to android and I hope you could help.

    Here is my problem: I want to turn off "red dotted line" for misspelled words when typing messages. I'm from non english speaking country, so I don't need spell correction, prediction, etc.. I turned all that stuff off. I've searched everywhere, googled and can't find the way to disable it. It's a little annoying when typing a message and there is that red line under each word.
    Btw, it happens ONLY in full qwerty mode. If I change it to compact qwerty or phone keypad and type this way then everything is ok.

    Is there any way to solve this?


  2. chaser88

    chaser88 New Member

  3. zinkevic

    zinkevic New Member

    I have the same problem. :(
    HTC fix this please!
    the solution you posted is working, but i personally don' like he keyboard theme.. I really like htc keyboard theme..

    Anyway this is bullshit update for messaging..

  4. magaim

    magaim New Member

    I have HTC Wildfire S from Orange Slovakia.

    I have got the same problem - I cannot turn off spell correction (and "saving to dictionary option". There is not only annoying red underline, but it always select the whole word and offer me saving this word to my personal dictionary (orange colored text)

    I turned off all predictions and spell corrections in settings but It doesn't work !!

    What is very strange, it happens only in Standard QWERTY mode (keyboard type Standard and when I have my phone vertically !! )

    When I change keyboard type to Compact or Phone, everything is working fine ( still underlines, but not gives me an option to save every word to dictionary)

    Can you help me to solve this? Is my mobile wrong and should I return it to my reseller? :confused:

    My phone information:
    Android version 2.3.3
    Software number 1.33.401.2

    My friend have the same phone and it works great.
  5. happyapple

    happyapple New Member

    Having the same problem, it's mega-annoying cause the language I usually type in (Swissgerman) has no spelling rules hence no dictionary hence... AGH.
    And the settings are useless if you uncheck them but nothing happens. Can't someone make an "app" that acts as a mod for this?

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