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How to disable screen time-out?Support

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  1. AttilaM

    AttilaM New Member

    I'm a new Galaxy S2 user - pls advice on how to disable the screen time-out when the phone is in the charging mode. When using a gps app in my car, the phone is connected to the charger but the screen will still be turned off after some time. I found that the time-out period can be set to maximum 10 minutes but no more.

    I have similar problems when looking at videos or listening to music, when the screen goes off the app will be disabled as well.

    Previously, I had a HTC Hero. I could configure the screen not to turn off when the charger was attached.

    I called the Samsung helpdesk in Sweden today but they had no answer on this.


  2. daz_2000

    daz_2000 Well-Known Member

    I use the app tasker, which gives you more control on your phone. One profile I have setup is when my phone connects to the Bluetooth in my car, it changes screen time out to 3 hours, also change wifi to off, media volume high, launch cardock app.

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