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How to Disable Spell checkSupport

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  1. rhalie

    rhalie New Member

    Hello Guys!

    I just updated my android version to 2.3.5 today and i have noticed that the words are being spelled check. Are there any ways to disable this? I have check other forums but some people confuse this to Prediction.

    Many Thanks...

  2. hillsjester

    hillsjester New Member

    Anybody has a solution for this? I am facing the same problem. Also, I have no way to change the language. I am using French and English, but it appears that only French dictionary is available... How can have both dictionaries? and easily switch from one to another ?
    Many thanks ;-)
  3. redia

    redia Active Member

    I guess nobody never used 2 languages for emails and SMS :confused:
    (got the same issue than you)
  4. haelewyn

    haelewyn Active Member

    In an other post on this website, this suggestion was given :
    When you are typing a text message (go to text, add a number to receive the message, then go to the message field and start typing your message) you can hold FN and SPACE BAR in. This will show you the available dictionary languages.
    This way, i succeeded in changing from French to English.
    Unfortunately, i could not select Dutch, altough my phone is set for DUTCH as being my own language. Country setting remains FRANCE, altough Dutch is not an official language in France.
    I think the ROM should be updated with better and more complete country settings or a Dutch language pack should be added. Please make an update, HTC..

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