How to disable startup sound on Rooted phones and edit boot up pictures

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  1. c627627

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    Device: Motorola CLIQ MB 200 Android 2.1 phone [Rooted] Blur_Version.2.1.5.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US

    Which file needs to be edited to disable the annoying startup up boot sound? I would rather edit then use an app.

    Using Droid Explorer I found that this zip file contains the boot up animation:

    The zip file contains a series of .png files which I assume can be simply replaced?

    But you can use Droid Explorer from your PC to only copy files from phone - not write files TO phone. How do I mount the phone as read and write so I can simply copy-paste files from PC?

  2. c627627

    c627627 New Member

    Rooted phones can be edited. Use ES File Explorer app. Go to its settings > CHECK: Root Explorer and Mount File System > to be able to copy-paste files from SD card to the phone system.

    Don't forget to dismount the File System when finished for security reasons.

    Renaming /system/media/ gets rid of the default Motorola and default Cell carrier animation and the Android logo changing colors can be seen instead at boot up.

    Renaming /system/media/audio/notifications/OnTheHunt.ogg is the only way to get rid of the boot up sound.

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