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how to distribute my android app from an unsupported country

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  1. plasmatique

    plasmatique New Member

    Since im not the luckiest person in the earth, i live in a country which is not supported by google play, so i cant sell/submit apps from my country.

    I have developed a cool app after almost a year of spending time, money and energy and i see a big potential in it.I was thinking if i can ask someone/some company to distribute my app meaning submit my app to google play/amazon etc with their own bank account and name and take x percent of the profit google/amazon pays them.Is this a good idea?

    Where can i find a trustable company/person which it does for me.i have not encrypted my with proguard and im worried about stealing my app.What my options are?

  2. taimur97

    taimur97 Member

    You can ask any of your relative who lives in the supported country to make a bank account for you and then you can use it to register on Google play.
  3. plasmatique

    plasmatique New Member

    have you already done something like this? i doubt if american banks open accounts for non-usa applicants.In the meantime i will have to use some proxy or vpn to fool google which google might catch me and close my developer account.Please correct me if im wrong
  4. taimur97

    taimur97 Member

    No I haven't done this and yes you can use proxy

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