How to Do a Hard Reset for a Samsung galaxy note 2Support

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  1. scottd706

    scottd706 New Member

    I want to do a hard reset to my samson galaxy note 2. Im not sure how. Also i have a extsdcard that i copied my music and pictures to but I don't know where the file for my contacts are located so I could copy that one also. When I do the reset should I take out the extsdcard first?

  2. softarno

    softarno Well-Known Member

  3. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Well-Known Member

    If your contacts are synced with Google Play, you shouldn't need to worry about backing them up. It's stored on Google's servers and will restore to your phone when logging back into your Google account. However if it is not, I suggest trying Kies or My Phone explorer to back up your data. I use My Phone Explorer to backup my contacts on the computer as well as SMS and call logs.

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