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    1. Press and hold the Home key, Volume Down key and Power key at the same time.
    2. Continue to hold the keys until the device turns back on.
    3. When the device turns on, release the Power key and continue to hold the Home key and Volume Down key until you see the reset screen (Android in a Box).
    4. Release the keys. The phone will restart.
    This is assuming you are not rooted, unlocked, or have installed custom recovery.
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    Some time ago I rooted my phone and deleted a bunch of metropcs related stuff. Since I was using the opera browser, like an idiot I deleted the default browser. As a result of that I had the android market/google play problem. I couldn't download anything because of that stupid error.

    I tried doing what you described above and I partially succeeded ;) After choosing the language and what not I finished that set up and then I get "the application setup wizard has stopped unexpectedly"

    When I close that I get a screen that's completely black with top bar. None of the buttons are working, besides ringer volume up/down. And I can receive calls. That's about it. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    And here comes the obvious question lol you do have a nand laying somewhere around right?

    If not, as long as you can boot into recovery and re flash or flash a different rom you should be good to go.

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    whoops lol.. id look around for a stock unrooted rom for your device and flash everything back to out of the box. you can always re-root and such later.

    Im gonna go out on a limb here: im assuming you do not have a backup - is that correct?

    here's a link to a guide that can help return to stock . A warning first though: research first and follow the guide EXACTLY. This method (like other methods of flashing) can brick your device if done incorrectly so make sure your on point. Let me know if u need any help

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    I downloaded everything and installed LGNPST v1.2 ..when I connect my phone it says unknown device and where this pic is showing COM15, I have COM4. The part where you add the bin is greyed out. Help plz?
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    It doesn't matter what the pic says....
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    well I"m not able to load either of the two files :mad:
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    is the usb registering the phone at all? if you have adb and stuff installed you can check with the "adb devices" command. if thats not working, go into device manager (for windows) and uninstall the drivers attached to the device. download and install the correct drivers ---> LG Optimus M USB Driver - LG Cell Phones Blog

    make sure that adb can read the device, then try and write the two files again.
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    good point - the pic was for dudes computer (the one who made the guide)

    SARAJEVO Member

    With that command I get List of devices attached and there is nothing under that.

    I tried uninstalling the driver that I had and installing the one you recommended, same thing.

    In the windows device manager, under ports I have:
    Communication port - com1
    lge android platform usb gps nmea port - com4
    lge android platform usb serial port - com3


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    I was looking at youtube clips on how to use this adb thing. Everywhere they mention to enable usb debugging. I dont think I have that enabled on my phone and I dont know how to access that property in this situation. I tried to install an .apk file via the adb install command and I got a error (device not found)

    SARAJEVO Member

    After watching multiple youtube clips and reading a bunch of guides on how to do this type of stuff, I went to the LG website (call me crazy) to see if I can find a solution there. Turns out they have exactly what I was looking for.

    LG MS690 Support: Find Manuals & Warranty Info | LG USA

    Under manuals and download, click on the software update tab. Download the usb driver and the support tool. Follow the rest of the steps.

    Before installing the driver make sure that you uninstall any other driver that you tried to use. This is by far the easiest process and it takes less than 10 minutes. After everything is done, you'll end up with the stock version of Android 2.2.2
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    Can anyone tell me if I'm able to do a hard reset on my wife's phone if all I've done it rooted it? I just want to wipe it out and start over, as it has too much junk on it, it's constantly giving her memory full errors, no matter how much stuff I delete off of it. I'd like to start fresh and add only the apps she needs. One of the posts above made me concerned that if it's been rooted, there could be issues. I never installed a custom ROM though, just got root access and deleted some basic bloatware. Thanks!

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