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how to do a system restore

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  1. kshashwat

    kshashwat Member

    hi guys..i m in a serious trouble.i rooted my fone.uninstalled browser.allshare,layer n e mail using titanium bakup.i tried to restore dem using titanium.nothing happend.i have tampered d warranty.n now main problem is that twlauncher stops working.bluetooth doesnt work n few other sys apps also doesnt work.
    how can i restore my fone apps.
    plz help sum1..i cant see my 11500rs go waste..
    thnks in advance..

  2. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Method 1 :
    Hard reset
  3. kshashwat

    kshashwat Member

    man m so frustratd...tried evrything but still nothings s working.did factory reset,hard reset,n every thing.nothing is working.bluetooth still unable to connect.at startup an error occurs twice-"an application com.android stopped working-force close"
    m sick of dis fone...can ny1 suggest what shud i do other dan throwing dis fone off in pot.
  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Fine the final XXX method .
    Used by samsung care to restore phones(Level 1 repair)

    For that I will need your firmware no and country.(different countries have different 3G )

    Like I5510DDJK4 and so on ..... :)

    The bluetooth issue :Most probably you I5510KD1 radio which conks bluetooth .
    That will be a perfect restore .
  5. you can use recovery mode like this :
    turn off phone.
    hold volume key and power on the phone.
  6. you can use recovery mode like this :
    turn off phone.
    hold volume key and power on the phone.
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  7. kshashwat

    kshashwat Member

    okay..my firmware version is
    I5510DDJK4 and country india...
    With bluetooth there is one more error.everytime fone starts it shows com.android has stoped.force close.
    by d way thanks 4 helping
  8. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    As I thought .
    Go to samfirmware .com
    in firmware -> galaxy 551
    download DDJK4 firmware
    download odin 4.34
    download callisto .ops
    download the flashing guide and follow it
    use http://androidforums.com/enigma/370845-n00b-rom-installation.html

    That will give you a total factory reset
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  9. kshashwat

    kshashwat Member

  10. kshashwat

    kshashwat Member

    hi..got my fone serviced today..but i have one more problem.my wifi does nt connect to a network after few days.
    last time i rooted my fone.installed super manager.n den every time deleted a file called wan list.this was how i last time solved my wifi issue.is there ny other way to fix this problem.
    i would also like u to suggest me one good free antivirus whihch has back up restore option as well as app lock.
  11. arnoutsy

    arnoutsy New Member

    I have also a problem I have no more system memory and now my phone can not boot :(
    so if anyone now what i can do plz help me xd

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