How to downgrade from 2.3.2 beta to original 2.2.1Support

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  1. margol1

    margol1 Member

    A few weeks ago, I upgraded my brand new Galaxy S from the original 2.2.1 to 2.3.2 beta. Assumingly, this caused disappearance of the mobile AP function. Since it is crucially important to me, I'd like to go back to the original firmware. Clear, I can't do it with Kies. Is there any other reliable way to do it ? Are there step-by-step instructions ? Thanks.

  2. kavimani

    kavimani Well-Known Member

    Hey there... you need to first flash XXJPU ( base version of 2.2.1) and then you can flash XXJPY which is the stable version of 2.2.1.. the process of flashing remains the same, you can find both the firmwares on
    This process is tedious but that is the only way you can go back to stable 2.2.1.. Have done it hence I know..
  3. margol1

    margol1 Member

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