How to download Android application to SD card

  1. kiwienjoy

    kiwienjoy New Member

    I found there are many Free Android application in the market, but mostly will need to install directly to the hardware.
    Is there any way to download and save it to SD card / Flashdrive then I will manually install from the drive?

    I was looking for free GPS without using data connection or internet, Does anyone can advise where I can find it? and is there any software different for Android phone and Android Tablet PC ?


  2. mrbeankc

    mrbeankc Member

    If an application can be stored on the SD card you can move them over from your phone in the settings. go to settings/applications/manage applications and then to the specific application you wish to store on the SD card. You'll see there where you can move the application over to your SD card.
  3. jefboyardee

    jefboyardee Well-Known Member

    You can also have an app like AppMonster or App2SD tell you when an app can be moved, so you don
  4. krazydragond

    krazydragond Member

    Ok, so I posted in the wrong thread. And I can't find a delete button anywhere..
  5. AdderW

    AdderW Member

    If you have installed an app using Play store , you can export it with AppInstaller or Titanium Backup. You will then have the .apk on your sdcard.

    You can then uninstall the app from the system and you can install it again whenever you want to since you have the .apk on your sdcard.

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