How To Download Block apps?

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  1. Evo 5oh

    Evo 5oh Well-Known Member

    Okay, I seen this in threads before I wasn't really interested, but now I want to download apps that are block by my carrier (Sprint) on the market.

    I have a HTC Evo and is not rooted because I don't want to mess anything up and I have a 1 year warranty :p I know you can undo the whole process but i seen people not being able too and you know I'm a newbie :D
    so i will like to keep it on stock so if there's any way to get those apps without getting my phone rooted it be great :cool:


  2. What apps in particular are you talking about? You can certainly google the app name and see if you can download it. If it's s free app, you can legally download it. But if its a paid app, the only legal way to get it is to pay the developer through the market, which you obviously cant do if you cant see it in the market.
  3. wayrad

    wayrad Well-Known Member


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